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Hi Julie,

I know there are some on the bargains thread? And maybe also on the syn value thread.

Not much help I know :eek: I'm not really a fan of sausage, I prefer bacon :drool:

Edit: Just found a post regarding sausages...

While most SWers have heard of the morrisons diet pork sausage, that are free on a red day, it occured to me today that not all regions have a Morrisons! But surely we all have a CO-OP

Healthy Living Cumberland Pork sausages, low fat, 8 pack, chilled 50g each
0.5 or 3.0

Healthy Living Lincolnshire pork sausage gluten free, 8 pack chilled 50g each
1.0 or 3.0

Healthy Living pork sausage gluten free 400g pack chilled 50g each
0.5 or 3.0

Please add more if you know any x
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no problemo! :)
Also, quorn sausages are free on a green day, not everyone likes them - I have to have a bit of sauce with those to add a bit of taste, but i do like them.


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I can't eat the quorn sausages, they taste like sausage with the sausage taken out to me LOL.

Asda less than 5% fat sausages (thick) are 1 syn each but you can order a variety of flavours from Joes Sausages and they deliver them in a polystyrene carton, freshly made. They freeze well and taste like real sausages and they're FREEEEEEE on a red day.

I'm lucky, I have a butchers stall near hubby's work that does syn free sausages so I send him for a shipping order every now and then.
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S: 11st9lb G: 10st0lb
Do they really taste like normal sausages?

I only ask as I've tried some from a butchers near me, who offer low syn sausages (can't remember if they're any syn free ones) and they tasted completely different.

I'm not a big fan but I do love a sausage butty now and then!


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just to let you know that the only morrisons eat smart sausages that are free are the pork ones!
the lincolnshire and cumberland both have syn values...
make sure when you recommend morrisons you say its 'the eat smart pork sausages'

when i first got them i nearly made the mistake of buying the wrong ones!

aww i love them i wrap bacon around mine and have pig's in blankets totally 3 how cool is that lol