Calling successful CDers! Can you help with some 'Aha!' moments?


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Trim T started a great thread on high heels:

I'd never really thought of that as something to look forward to, and so it was a great 'aha!' moment for me.

Has anyone else who has been successful on CD got any other 'perks' of being slimmer to share? Any that might help us come up with - or help convince us of - new and different goals for our CD journey?

I personally want mine to be about looking _forward_ to great things, rather than looking to get away from not-so-great things (like being fat).

I know many of us starting out might feel as though when we lose the weight we'll finally be happy - but I realise that can be a fallacy (got to sort out first what else might be making us unhappy and therefore making us fat!). So we should come up with as many specific and positive goals as possible, or else we might be left with a 'well I'm slim and still unhappy' feeling at the end of it all.

Maybe you have some more 'usual' goals like mine:
- Fitting into an old pair of size 10/12 trousers
- Slipping into a dress by Karen Millen
- Cut my time on the MoonWalk by 2 hours
- (and a bunch of others that are a bit more personal)

But on the back of Trim T's post, to these I've now added:
- buy a funky pair of heels to wear with jeans, feel good being in them all day, and fulfil one of my 'slim me' dream images (which always seemed a bit unrealistic to me given high heels have always been torture! lol)

I'd love to add some more like that, so am hoping some of you successful CD-ers can help us newbies have some more 'aha!' moments!

Thanks all!!

:) Cx
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Hi, hun, great post and I totally agree that looking at what we are moving towards rather than what we are moving away from is the way forward. I read about the shoes and am very excited about that.

I am not sure if this is an example of what you have in mind but for me it was the best feeling ever. I recently went on a long planned shopping spree as nothing fitted me. As I went around all the shops it gradually sunk in that anything I tried on would fit me, it might not look great but it fitted.

My aim all along was to be in size 12 (was bursting out of size 20 at start). My daughter said that some of the 12s didn't fit well because they were too big! I honestly hadn't realised that was why so off she went to get them in 10s which were much better fits. Was a great feeling.

As we were finishing we popped into Jane Norman (think thats the name) to get her a bodycon dress we saw in the window.I noticed a dress I totally fell in love with so as it looked small tried it in a 14 and a 12. In the 14 I loved it on me and bought it.

It was the best moment of the whole day because I didn't care what size it said on the label. All that mattered was I loved the dress, it fitted and I got it. To finally feel released from the tyranny of weight on scales, numbers in clothes and just be able to love the fit and buy something cos it looked good was ace x


Loving CD SS!
That's _exactly_ what I'm looking for Tara, thanks!

Anything that we can look forward to - whether it be doing or feeling. I had that feeling once years ago, when I knew my size 14s were too big so tried on a 12, then stood in the dressing room thinking 'HUH?!? dare I try a size 10?' and when i did I was shocked! What a great feeling that was.

I'd love to have that feeling again - and when I do, I want to think - 'Hey! Another goal down!' lol

Being able to concentrate on something looking good on regardless of the size on the label would be fantastic. Thanks for that!



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i know where your coming from last month i bought a pair of 14 jeans, this week they were loose so it was a dare i moment tried a 12 and they fit, and looking forward to the 10s, but its the choice available when you get down the sizes, to hell what the label says i would still buy bigger if i liked something, but when you start at a size 18 you really dont want to buy a 20 so you leave it x