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Calorie counting books / websites - recommendations

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I decided last week on holiday after struggling to keep up with my 2 young boys (I'm 33 so should have plenty of energy!) that I'm sick of feeling lousy, lethargic, eating junk, having aches & pains especially in my back, and that it was time to do something about it. I owe it to my wife & kids to look after myself which I haven't been doing for the last year or so.

I've done Slimming World and Weight Watchers, had more success on SW during which I Iost 2 stone. I feel like I'm done with those type of diets as each time I've stopped, I've piled on more weight than I had before starting them.

My plan is to instill some self discipline, cut down a lot on junk food, fast food, snacks, not go back for seconds, eat more fruit & veg, apply some common sense and try to come in at under 2000 cals per day. I'll also do a bit of jogging and more exercise in general.

I figured that calorie counting saves a lot of looking up point values etc online or in books, which was annoying me with SW and WW, as many foods have the calories per portion / per 100g clearly printed on the packaging now.

The question is.......In terms of generic non-branded stuff, ie food you might buy in a bakery or cafe, fruit etc, that has no packaging, is there a particular book or website that is good and accurate for these, a quick glance through some google results shows any given item can vary a huge amount from one of these sites to another. Also are the pay sites worth it?

Thanks in advance for any book / website recommendations and any calorie counting tips you may have! Dave​
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Hi Dave, There is a forum that is particularly good to use but I am not sure that it is allowed to put it on here.. suffice to say that if you do a search for online calorie counting forums it/they should come up. As for the unpackaged items, most things will come up if you just Google them for nutritional info.
Hope that has been some help to you.
All the best for your journey.


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Myfitnesspal is the best tool ever - they have a website and an app and its a great way to keep track!

Good luck!


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Mrs.S. said:

Myfitnesspal is the best tool ever - they have a website and an app and its a great way to keep track!

Good luck!
Yes, and it's free - definitely wouldn't pay for one. :) xx


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I agree with my fitness pal. I'm yet to find a food that hasn't been added to the directory.
Myfitnesspal for sure. Literally has everything, I shop at aldi most of the time and if even has their own brands x
S: 16st6lb G: 14st6lb
Thanks for the help everyone, I have a friend who's a Dietician and he highly recommended my fitness pal to me over the weekend, so I'll give that a try. In the meantime, I've eaten some salads, cut out some junk, and got back on the bike including leaving home at 4:40 am this morning to ride 8.5 miles into work so it should start dropping off! Thanks guys

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