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many people have come to SW from CD. You may put on a little at first but then start losing again. I don't think any CD stage is like SW, it is based on 'free' foods and regular eating rather than being like a 'diet'. It is more of a lifestyle
some days i recon i rack up more than my 2000 cals in just free food lol but taz is right, no one on sw qill consume the same amount of cals every day or the sam amount as each other i bet, its a lifestyle. if your switcing be prepared for the gain but plenty of peple do it and they do continue to loose after that initial gain but remember alot of it is water
My old leader said it was roughly 1400 calories a day but obviously this varies depending on how much you can put away! I'm not big or overly sporty but I still lose on it, albeit fairly slowly. But this aint a race.

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