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Calories burnt when doing the housework

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by niknaks, 28 May 2009 Social URL.

  1. niknaks

    niknaks Silver Member

    Well tomorrow i plan to;
    Scrub Kitchen and floor
    Scrub Bathroom and floor
    My bedroom
    Stairs and mop porch.

    How many cals do ay reckon???? hmmmm:character00115:
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  3. furrystomper

    furrystomper BATMAN & ROBIN FOREVER

    Hi i just found this, hope it helps you :D
    Here is a breakdown of how many calories you can burn by performing some simple every day task.
    These calculations are based on an individual that weighs 160 pounds.
    The more you weigh the more calories you will burn an hour, unless you have to move slowly because of your weight.
    Using one of the many calorie calculators that are available free online can help you determine exactly how many calories you personally will burn doing a particular activity.
    For a person who weighs 160 pounds, participating in any of the following activities for thirty minutes will cause the following expenditures in calories
    Chopping and splitting wood 288 calories

    Cooking dinner 96 calories

    Digging in the garden 240 calories

    Dusting 120 calories

    Grocery shopping 190 calories

    Ironing clothes 190 calories

    Making a bed 94 calories

    Moving furniture 288 calories

    Playing with the kids 192 calories

    Raking the lawn 206 calories

    Shoveling snow 288 calories

    Taking out the trash 120 calories

    Trimming bushes 168 calories

    Washing dishes 144 calories

    Washing Windows 144 calories

    Watering outdoor plants 120 calories

    Vacuuming 196 calories
    Keep in mind that the above figures represent a half an hour of activity.
    For instance if you decided to vacuum for an hour, and have a very clean house you would burn close to 400 calories which is roughly the same as doing an hour of aqua aerobics or an hour of playing table tennis.
    Vacuuming for half an hour is also equal to doing fifteen minutes on a step stair machine or fifteen minutes of circuit training.
    The benefits of doing housework and chores to lose weight are obvious. Not only will you achieve a slimmer, sleeker body you will have a super clean and well organized house!
    If you have kids you are even more blessed in the weight loss department. There is nothing more aerobic or that gets your heart pumping than having to chase a bad kid around the house.
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  4. squiddie

    squiddie Starting Again!

  5. niknaks

    niknaks Silver Member

    HAHA love it! How useful- thanks alot hun this info is great.

  6. niknaks

    niknaks Silver Member

    Wowzers! Fab news hun thanks for the link! xx
  7. squiddie

    squiddie Starting Again!

    I've just found another type of calculator on iVillage, tells you all sort of things. Give it a try :D
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