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Discussion in 'Weight Watchers' started by dagbird2001, 4 February 2014 Social URL.

  1. dagbird2001

    dagbird2001 Full Member

    Not sure if this can b done. Basically I'm going gym n at end of session it says how many calories I burnt off. How can I convert that to pro points?
    Today I burnt off 469 calories.
    Tia for any help.
    Tracy xx
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  3. charjoelily

    charjoelily Full Member

    Food roughly works out as 1 pp for every 40cals so perhaps you could do the same? I'll see if there is a conversion on value diary ...
  4. charjoelily

    charjoelily Full Member

    No you have to put in intensity and time. How long and what intensity was it? If I input then we could compare?
  5. Maxamillion

    Maxamillion Full Member

    The general rule of 40 cals to 1 point only applies to food . There was talk of 70 cals works out to 1 activity point , hasn't been backed up anywhere but you could always use it as a guideline. All depends though on whether you are eating back your activity points!!
  6. dagbird2001

    dagbird2001 Full Member

    Thank u both for ur replies
    No I'm not using them but was curious re how many points it would b in case I had a 'surprise' night out. Would b a surprise as I don't ever go out lol. Xx

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