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Cambridge and Conceiving


Working on it
Hi all,

Hope that every one is having a good day today.

My OH and I have decided that we would like another baby so we're going to spend the summer trying to find our perfect donor and are hoping to start to try and concieve in September. I know that when you are pregnant you shouldn't do a VLCD but what about whilst you're trying to concieve? I'm hoping to not be too far off goal by then and thought that come the time maybe I should start maintaining the weight I've got to and then just join the WW pregnancy programme when we do concieve, what do you think?

A big factor for me doing Cambridge was so that we could have another one but the last thing that I would want to do is jepordise our chances of actually having one by continuing with Cambridge whilst we are trying to concieve.

I don't know what to do!!!


x x x
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Happiest Girl :D
My CDC said that you are more fertile on CD, so maybe it's a good thing if you are on it & trying!

Good luck whatever you decide xx
Yeah it even says on the official CD website that you are more likely to conceive on CD!
Hi! I'm also in the same boat! I have a difficult obstetric history with only one living child out of four pregnancies. I am on CD to try and bring my weight and body to healthy levels before conceiving again. My CDC said to stop trying whilst on the diet and wait til I have come off completely. Having read the above thread I'm now a little unsure??

Help! X


please try again
theres a fair amount of cambridge babies out there

something to do with hormones that are stored in fat cells being released as the fat goes

all the vits and mins in the packs certainly dont hurt either, lol


Working on it
Good news then! If I carry on with Cambridge whilst trying and fall pregnant will I do any damage between conceiving and finding out a result if I'm just on the three shakes a day? X


please try again
the baby will take what it needs from you hun, and since you will be monitoring for signs of pregnancy it will only be a couple weeks
my anorexic ex neighbour managed to give birth to a 7lb 4oz completly healthy baby despite the fact she refused to eat more than a couple apples and a yogurt for the vast majority of her pregnancy, she used to dump her high cal milkshakes in my garden

as soon as you see the blue lines then come straight off and onto a healthy diet


Must do it this time
Best of luck emma,ive seen a fair few people on here that have become pregnant while on cd.
If it helps .. I got pregnant while i was on CD Jan 2010, had my beautiful baby boy oct 2010.. Cd does help u concieve.

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