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Cambridge diet here i come!!!

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Size 14 Here I Come!
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Hi there!

You are not on your own, the first few days are the hardest, just stick with it, drink plenty of water and I promise you, you will see the results.

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Thanks for your reply:) how i make my goals and make it look as cool as yours. i am doing ok on the cambridge today i feel really really hungry i think it may be in my mind but i weigh 20 stone and this is my last hope :cry:


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hi Charleen, this is my first time on Cambridge diet, i used to weigh 21 stone and was a size 32, now i weigh 15 stone 13lb and a size 20, i has a lapband but i lost my weight with slimming world and just lost 18lbs in 2 weeks on CD!
So please stick to it, you can do it!!
it does get easier i promise, i dont even want food at all, and i use to eat and eat all day!!
try and get past the first week and it will get easier

Edited to add, if you click on the user CP link at the top of the page in the dark blue box to the left you can edit your signature and put your goals ect.


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good luck hun x


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hey Charleen!

Welcome to cd and minimins hun!

Okay, first of all.... like everyone says week one is the hardest! For the first four days you'll feel hungry, you might get headaches and generally feel rubbish... its kinda like a detox.... day 4/5 it gets better!

If your finding it hard getting through day one my advice to you would be to have a real think about it. Since its christmas maybe SS isn't the easiest right now and the last thing you want to do is feel defeated before you've properly got going! (Guessing frm your smilies your feeling a little like this - I could be wrong).

Maybe do a week or so of 'prep' - ie, on a higher plan, with a view to starting SS fully on X date. Because I took a while finding a cdc I had already cut out carbs and lost around 7lbs by the time I started.... and eased into ketosis without any of the symptoms.

Even if you dont do this... make yourself a plan. Make a list of all the reasons why you want to lose the weight, get rid of things around the house your likely to snack on (okay, I know its x-mas and this isn't the easiest!), and have a plan of things to do when you want to snack - maybe going for a walk, or doing something round the house, or a hobbie, or coming here and posting! Oooh - and whenever you feel hungry have a pint of water and wait half an hour...

Hope this helps some

S x


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hi :wave_cry:deejay

wow you look amazingvery beautiful can you tell me what you did please?
Just get through the first few days, and it'll be easier. And then after a few weeks when you start to notice the difference in yourself, that pushes you to want to succeed even more. And then when other people start to notice, it's sooo motivating! I definitely think this diet gets easier once you are in the routine of it..

Just hang in there honey, you can do it. And thanks for your kind words :)

S: 20st13lb C: 20st13lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 63.4 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Thank you for your advice,and it worked i started my list of reason i wantto lose weight and i am focusing on the end result not on now or the during i want to suceed i am so miserable fat and i can do this, i get weighed on Friday the first week back finger crossed :) xxx


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Good luck Charleen, it does get easier after the first few days. Good luck with your weigh in on Firday x
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i lost 9lbs yeahhhhhhh i am determinded to cary on i find it bit difficult on the night but something to work with .... love you all


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Well done Charleen! Good to see you back on the site... and making fantastic progress! A fab loss like that will keep you motivated and steaming ahead... the nights are always tricky, but we have to be strong! I get weighed later but have had lurgy this week so not expecting anything really... just glad to be feeling less bleughhh!


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well done charleen! that's fantastic, it's a great diet and works so well, it's the best thing I could have done for myself!

hey sailaice, you can do it, just think of the great results you'll have in the end!



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S: 14st6lb C: 11st11lb G: 11st2lb Loss: 2st9lb(18.32%)
its difficult but once you get through the first couple of days its easy so stick at it x
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Hi lellyCD

please can you tell me how i do the week one week two thing ect it looks cool and well done ou yur weight loss you done excellent :)