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cambridge diet to slimming world

Im really sorry if this is posted in the wrong place but could really do with some advice...Im currently on Cambridge Diet, but intend to come off it in a few weeks and join SW - has anyone else in here done this? If so how did they find it? Im worried that Im going to pile on the weight after CD, despite doing the refeed process....

really appreciate any help!

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I have only tried SW im afraid so I cant help you with that. All I can say is that SW is brilliant and certainly doesnt make you feel like you are ever depriving yourself of things you want.
I hope somebody else on here can be more help to you and good luck with whatever you decide x x x
thanks victoria - I did slimming world a couple of years ago and initially it was great but then I became really disheartened when i hit a plateau and couldnt get beyond it - at which point I stupidly quit! :(


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i think most people have a few weeks either maintaining or minor gains which is a normal reaction when you come off such a low calorie diet, once your body realises you are no longer in starvation mode it will stop storing everything and begin to function normally, i have never done cambridge as i think it sounds barbaric lol but good luck honey am excited for you getting to eat loads of lovely food again , good luck.
ur excited? trust me Im counting the days! lol and whats really nice is that my mum and brother have agreed to join SW with me when I do join so it will be extra fun in the sense that we will all be following the same plan (even though they have a lot less to lose! lol)


is a pirate arrrgggghhhh
Well my advice hon is just to take it easy first week , do red days as most people seem to get a better loss on them, i only ever do green days i lose les but i like to feel full hehe stock up on plenty of fat free super noodles oops forgot bout extra easy all the newbies do extra easy now lol wasn like that when i started lmao
Im hoping to get to target (or less)on CD, and then Im on hols on June 11th for two weeks so am looking at joing SW when I get home to a). get rid of holiday excess and back to target if necessary.
and b), to maintain.

I thought since I had been introducing food on the 810 for the last 3 weeks, and would have been eating sensibly (I hope lol) on hols it would be the best time to quit CD and start making healthy sensible choices on SW, and finally enjoy cooking and eating with my family again.

So no mercy and the rest of you, Ill see you in a few weeks no doubt !! xx
Hi no mercy, I'm in the process of doing the same. Moving over completely on Saturday to SW as I just cant seem to get to target on the CD plans. Perhaps we can buddy up forsupport?:hug99: Also Hels can join us after her holidays :D
Hey Trip!! You following me!!???? LOL!
lol well I still have a few weeks Im going to see through on CD but will probably start re feed in another 3 weeks so when I come back from my holidays (July 25th) i can get straight onto slimming world - the thought of food in any form at the moment sounds fab! Im even missing scanbran! lol
Im not sure if I can keep on CD......i feel so done with it.Would it be best to stay on it til hols (June 11th) OR Start it next week and Im sure Id find it pretty OK to stick with while on holidays???Wow Dilemas Dilemas hahah!No Mercy and Trip im glad Ill have some buddies to go it with. x
i think you should go to ss+ or 810 this week and work up the plans and start sw on ur return (listen to me - like I know what Im talking about? lol)


is a pirate arrrgggghhhh
hels who is that tiny little person on your photo is it a hand or a foots awwwwwww
Aww thats my baby boys ickle foot and my hubbys hand. Cute pic isnt it?No Mercy, i have been on 810 for 3 weeks now, and have been eating a bit more some days have increased food and exercise too. Ill wait for SW til i return


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Im thinking about the change over too. Only been onn CD for 6 days but im finding it sooooo hard and im just so hungry. I have done SW before and know it works so I am seriously toying with changing. As im only on SS at the mo, If i went to SW as of next week what is the likelihood of me losing anything?
OK I gave up today! SW starts tomorrow. I got so sick of no food I sat down tonight and ate what the whole family ate! Yay and it was GOOD. Been and brought all my food ready including eggs and quork. I know I will put on a few lbs with the readjusting to gluclose stores but will def keep up the water.

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