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  1. Tiggemma

    Tiggemma Silver Member

    I spent the weekend at a spa retreat (a bit of pampering but sticking to the plan by taking my weekend products and the staff letting me prepare my own meals). I told people I'd lost over 2 and a half stone and they were all really impressed. But as soon as I mentioned Cambridge there was a lot of snorting and just general derision. I sort of expected this from people at the beginning but it works for me as my results show but still the haters insist on making me feel like a freak. It really winds me up. I know it shouldn't because this works for me but if anyone has any suggestions for dealing with these people I'd love to hear them. I had a lovely weekend other than the way people reacted to my food choices and would like to do something similar again.
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  3. Hothmog

    Hothmog Member

    I think one of the problems with the likes of Cambridge is that for every 5 people that successfully lose the weight and manage to maintain, there is always one that gains it all back and half again. And they tend to shout the loudest. And for every one person they tell, they tell ten more, and those ten tell ten more. So before you know it you've got over 100 people believing that it's a rubbish diet and doesn't work. And negativity is always believed over positivity :(
  4. Tiggemma

    Tiggemma Silver Member

    That's true of any diet, if you go back to eating crap and sitting on your backside the weight will go back on. It was a specific Cambridge hatred that surprised me. I've tried other things and they didn't work for me but this has and I will do all I can to keep the weight off and stay healthy. It's getting the weight off is the first hurdle there are plenty more to come.
  5. Llamasoks

    Llamasoks Gold Member

    Were you out with people who are dieting too? Without meaning to offend, I've no idea what it is, so not sure how so many people could hate it unless they've looked into it!

    I'm not sure of the ins and outs as I do SW but if it works for you that's all that matters, if you look better and feel better about yourself it shouldn't matter how you got there. Without sounding rude, maybe you should point this out to them - they might just change their tune!
  6. Tiggemma

    Tiggemma Silver Member

    It's a food replacement diet. I tried sw and ww and several other things but I couldn't get anywhere near goal weight and was disappointed with feeling hungry all the time for half a lb loss per week.

    The other people there were eating healthy/dieting to varying degrees but it was only my choice of diet that seem to cause such issues. I guess if one or two knew what Cambridge was then it was easy for them to explain it to the others. I hope I never judge anyone for the choices they make they way that I felt judged this weekend.

    Anyway good luck with sw llamasoks!
  7. Daisy65

    Daisy65 Silver Member

    This is my second time around on Cambridge. The first time I told everyone and whilst most were supportive a number just said it is rubbish and everyone puts the weight back on again. I am just keeping quiet this time although it can be difficult on social occasions. I have tried just about every diet and have put the weight back on after each one so have concluded that it doesn't matter what diet you follow - if you return to old habits, you will regain your old figure (a rather large one in my case!).
  8. NickyandDean

    NickyandDean Member

    Aghhhh...god I know this feeling and I find myself lying about my diet!!!

    It is sooo frustrating. ..the people close to me r supportive; as they know how much I struggle with food, so they would rather me do something I can stick with instead of me stuffing my face!!

    Example: friend txes me...ohhh iv lost weight gone from 22 stone to 19 1/2 ...i reply; really well done and iv also gone from 17.3 to 15 1/2... and then her reply is Ohh for god sake dont tell me you on the cambridge diet again!!!!! ... (unsuppotive and no praise)... I go yeah I am; but doing step two so I am eatting abit (which is a lie; as I a mainly doing SS).!! She goes well I am not on a diet im doing SLIMMING WORLD .... at this point I am wound up and go ' SW is a diet, so dont tell me ur not dieting..if u following a plan then there is no difference aghhhh

    For one ... I think shes jellous - she tried cambridge and lasted 1 week and gave it up

    For two - shes WONTED to do cambridge yet tells me im stupid for doing it

    Aghhh - to say the least it really pissed me off meh!! And trying to tell me SW isnt a diet...pfft sorry love, iv tried them all!!!

  9. Tiggemma

    Tiggemma Silver Member

    Well done nickyanddean on your weight loss. You're right those I've chosen to tell are generally those close to me and they are supportive (hubby, parents and a couple of close friends) but this weekend I didn't have a choice as I was prepping my own stuff what clearly came out of a Cambridge packet. As far as I'm concerned we are adults and make our own choices and should respect them.

    Interestingly my auntie lost about 4 stone on sw diet and put it back on. Now she's on Cambridge. It's about changing our relationship with food and I think removing it and reintroducing the right things is the right thing for me!

    I will always support anyone who has lost weight or gotten healthy and fitter because they deserve that support for making that effort. It doesn't matter if it's a few lbs or a few stone it's still a bloody good achievement however you do it! The bigger challenge is changing your life forever so that we look fab forever!
  10. LV30

    LV30 Gold Member

    The silliest thing i've heard - about any VLCD - is that the weight comes off too quickly. Sorry? Isn't that a good thing?! What's so good about carrying extra stones of weight - I'd rather it come off really quickly, thank you!!

    Stupid, ignorant, ill-formed, nasty-pasties, and mostly, jealous people! (And most of them we class as family and friends - go figure!! lol.)

  11. tashah23

    tashah23 Member

    Lots of my friends have been like this. Until they heard my weight loss. I think it all boils down to jealousy that they aren't losing all ye weight and they can't so put a downer on you!

    Any diet if you go back to eating lots of rubbish after you'll put it back. Cambridge is no different. It's all about changing your mindset :)
  12. LizzRob

    LizzRob Gold Member

    next time someone has a dig about you being on cambridge point out 2 things:

    1) why didnt you have this much interest when i was shoveling crap in my mouth and getting fat? Would have saved me a job! and...
    2) rant away, and keep going for as long as you like, because whilst you're ranting, i'm burning fat.

    and then walk away!
  13. NickyandDean

    NickyandDean Member

    Yes defo.. stuff them...we will be the ones who feel amazing and look amazing!!

    The negative people r using people who strugglw themselves or who have never had an eatting problem!!

    I was the worst secret eatter EVER be ashamed if people saw what I used to eat!!
  14. Tiggemma

    Tiggemma Silver Member

    Glad in not the only one to have suffered from this. Hopefully they will feel that an apology at some stage when I'm still slim and gorgeous in 10 years despite their doom mongering will be due.
  15. Chartreuse

    Chartreuse Full Member

    I had some negative responses at first but that seems to have turned around since they see me every day, sticking to plan, losing weight. I try (not always successfully) to turn those voices into motivation to prove them wrong. My closest friend at work is very slim and has studied nutrition and had a lot of things to say to me at first. She's now a big supporter of me following the plan and I can tell she admires my resolve.
  16. Last_Timer

    Last_Timer Full Member

    I always love that my dad raised me on 'he who laughs last, laughs longest'.

    So for all the people who hated on me when I did cambridge last year even those who were overweight saying 'well I would rather do something healthy like SW or WW' with the connotation that what I was doing wasn't healthy. Or laughing saying it wasn't real life and that I am weird.

    Well funnily enough they are still battling with their weight, pound off pound on saga. I did cambridge for 3 months and lost almost 4 stone to get to 10.7.

    A year later I am still that weight and still same size. So I chuckle all the way over to the the size 10 section and enjoy my new healthy and lighter new life! Comebacks don't have to be immediate or even verbal!
  17. LizzRob

    LizzRob Gold Member

    That is the best line ever!!!!!
  18. tashah23

    tashah23 Member

    That's amazing! I've not spoke to many people who have lost it and maintained it so well for so long. What have you done since you lost it to keep it all off? :)
  19. Tiggemma

    Tiggemma Silver Member

    That's really impressive last timer. I don't think I'll ever be a size 10 but I fully intend to be healthy and happy! You've got to tell us what you've been doing to maintain so well!
  20. Last_Timer

    Last_Timer Full Member

    Well it might be that I lost 10 stone over 7 years. Each chunk of weight 3 stone or 4 stone I vowed never to go over that again, even if I only maintained for a while until I got back into the zone.

    Now that I am a happy weight I have my ceiling weight. For me it is 10st 10lb as 10 pounds is a dress size. If I see that on the scales I do a step 2 sort of cambridge diet for a week until it goes back down.

    This week I have been doing step 2 which for me means breakfast and lunch is a bar or shake and then salad and a couple of quorn fillets. It's not the same 3/6/12 month commitment I have had in the past. I know it's just for a few days which keeps me focused. It's not easy and at Christmas I saw 10st 13lb on the scales but I know for a weeks commitment it will be gone again. This morning my scales say 10.7 so a couple more still to go to where I was but I doubt I look any different to anyone.

    Plus when it's 'new weight' it really isn't real weight. Not until it's been there a couple of months I find whilst the body catches up. Sometimes it's just bulk so it's easier to get off. Once it goes above 10lbs then that surplus is real weight and clothes pinch etc, if that makes sense. (think about how it works the same the other way too, you lose 10lbs and no one notices...a few weeks later when you have gained a pound that week you get loads of comments on weight loss!! typical.)

    My tips hmmmm

    Weigh yourself everyday. It might not work for everyone and I know some people are really against it but it works for me. I am never in denial about how much I weigh. If I know it, I can correct it or know how much I can 'indulge' at special events.

    Dont' ever think 'oh I have that party/wedding/christmas coming up so there's no point dieting now'. This is the best time to do it. I would rather do a week's SS and drop my weight so I can eat 4-5lbs of crap and not be any higher than my celing weight at the end of it.

    Don't ever think, 'I'm done, I've succeeded'. Again might not be the same for everyone. But for me I have an addiction. A love passion and hunger for food at all time, always. Binging is my love and my fantasy and I have to fight day in day out everymeal to do the right thing. I will always have a weight problem even if I always stay this weight now. My true inner self wants to stuff itself silly whenever I get the chance. Emotional, physical and mental issues with food are my life. The only thing I can compare it to is what addicts of smoking and drinking say. Always a smoker just have to fight the urge everyday to smoke.

    Don't think 'it's only a few pounds on' if it's not the weight you want then get it off! My struggle is always with the voice in my head. Saying 'well how bad can a couple pounds be'....a couple becomes 5, becomes 10, then more and more. I have talked to my very slim best friend a lot about these issues and she NEVER allows herself to go any higher than her happy weight and would never buy bigger clothes. She has a good couple of strict weeks and her clothes fit again if she has indulged.

    Applaud yourself for what success you have had. My stupidest mentality was trying for years to get from about 15 stone to 10 stone. I had once got to 11st 12 and remember thinking 'aaahhh this is so hard, feck it I will give up' and piling all the weight back on. Instead of thinking, well 11stone 12 is a lot better that 15, maybe in a few months or a year I will get the enthusiasm to do more and have a better starting place. I should have been proud of what I have done. So if you have lost some/a lot of weigh already but are struggling with more losses, remember it is just as hard to maintain. Master that for a few months, develop those life changes and then 'start again' but at a much lower starting weight. I think the body just needs time to anchor itself to a new weight and if you give in too early it will easily return to it's heavier anchor weight.

    Hope that helps anyone struggling.
    It's just my obsessive, analytical, lifetime thoughts on the battle of the bulge.
  21. Chartreuse

    Chartreuse Full Member

    Brilliant post, thank you.

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