Cambridge keep proving me wrong


Gone, but who cares huh
i moved upto 1000 last thursday and i have to admit i was terrified, while on the other plans i had the saftey net of ketosis, which made me not hungry, ok the psychological hunger take a few days or a week or two lmao to subside depending on how determind you are, but physically you are not hungry,
But on 1000 you come out of that safe harbour of ketosis and i was so scared that suddenly i would be starving, but that hasnt happened. I seem if anything to be full most of the time and i seem to be eating loads, although in reality im probably eating less than i should as i dont have the salad at lunchtime, and i know im terrified now of the weigh in on wednesday as i cant equate all this eating with losing weight.
Hopefully come wednesday my fears will be unfounded and i will have lost a few pound and i can carry on happily, every time i have had a fear on this diet i have been proved wrong, first i thought i would be permanently hungry and i can honestly say from two days after i started i wasnt hungy at all, then i thought if i did AAM week i wouldnt lose weight, and i did AAM in the first week of my stabilisation and lost i think 4lb, then i was scared of coming out of ketosis again proved wrong, so fingers crossed im wrong again ,
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Good luck for Wednesday :)
What sort of things can you eat now? It must be really exciting to start moving towards maintenance :)

Kitty xxx


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Good Luck for your weigh in. Sounds like you got this whole thing 'licked', pardon the pun.

Dizzy x


Gone, but who cares huh
ooh well i have shredded wheat for brekkie, or i have a boiled egg and a smal peice of granary bread, and at dinner i have new potatoes which i love, i feel so full lol, also i have a half pint of milk, so i can now have cups of tea, whichi really missed,


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Well done Gillian - sound like you're doing great :D


Gone, but who cares huh
I'm sure everything will be absolutely fine. :D You sound like you are totally in control.

I have to say though, I'm not even close yet, but I'm dreading maintenance :p
the determination you have shown missus you will ace it, i couldnt have done this for the length of time you have, you have my admiration ,


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Well done gillian, you've certainly settled into maintenance brilliantly We must be at around the same stage - I'm doing each step for 2 weeks to give myself time to adjust - figured there's no need to rush lol

Just started my 2nd week on 1000 and absolutely loving it - like you I've not felt at all hungry to be honest I'm usually totally stuffed after dinner
really enjoying having shredded wheat or porridge for brekkie too.


Gone, but who cares huh
thanks demon i cant decide if im doing 1000 for one week or two, i will wait till wednesday when i see my councillor, see what she advices, isnt it weird how we are not hungry, its like my mind still thinks its in ketosis or soemthing lol


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you should lose weight - after all you are only eating 1000 calories! Before this diet I was on about 3000!! Good luck for your weigh in, I am sure you will have lost.