'Cambridge Magazine' ??


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I was in WH Smiths today and saw a Lighter Life magazine.

Wouldnt it be nice if Cambridge did one too ????? Its always nice to read other peoples success stories and achievments etc. Plus any tips and cheats ;) .

Could be available through CDC.

Not everyone has access to the internet so a mag would be so nice for them plus anyone else doing CD.

Deb x
Saw this thread yesterday Deb & meant to say to you this morning that I've got a copy of the Cambridge i, and then totally forgot :eek: oops.

I'll try & remember for you next week.

Hope you're not stuck in work too long today.

Take care
It's not glossy like Lighter Life. It's more like a newsletter.

Hence the reason why Cambridge is cheaper than Lighter Life to undertake ;)
That's strange i asked my CDC on Monday if Cambridge had a magazine and she said "sorry lovey no" she should have at least told me there was a news letter.I cant recall when but she said someone from our group will be in one of the national newspapers this week or nxt, sorry i was sooo happy with my weight loss i just cant remember the exact details
Thanks i'm viewing it now.