Step 1 Sole Source Cambridge Restarter Day 1!!!


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S: 15st10lb
Hello all I am back on the Cambridge diet, and pleased to say day 1 is almost done :)

I am determined to get about 1-2 stone off for the summer, shouldn't be to long on plan IF I be good and keep GOING. If anyone is restarting/starting the diet and want someone to talk to please do, as you may or may not now you need to be soured on!!

I am doing SS with a meal so 3 products and meal (chicken/cottage cheese, tuna) + selected veg

So here goes day 1 and rolling for day 2, here's how my day looked:

B-Strawberry Shake (powder)
L- choc mint bar - Yuhummmmm!
T-180g chicken, 40g broccoli, 40g cauliflower, plus I used my final product (number 3) and made a chicken and mushroom sauce to cover the chicken - was lovely and jazzed the chicken up :)

I am now sipping liptons apple and cinnamon fruit tea and this is nice to :), I am quite a heavy smoker to - so my electronic cigarette came today to so "vaping" to so well see how the smoking side goes LOL!

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