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Camping cancelled ...been to docs


Says it as it is!!!
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Well, thank you god old british weather!:(
We hve had to cancel the camping trip, due to the risk of drowning in our sleep!:cry:gutted!!!! The fields are too boggy to camp and with it being my sisters first ever trip i thought it might put her off for good!
Also as many of you have read, i have been having terrible stomach ache, feeling bloated and being sick...so, i went to the docs this morning and she thinks my IBS has kicked off again ...she knows i am on LT(and was very impressed with weight loss, bp etc) and she reckons its stress induced as i have been having a nightmare with my eldest of late amongst over things...so, i have been told to chill out (yeah right!) and stay clear from white carbs and keep other carbs to a minimum.... So i am not carry on with refeed, or going back on TFR i will be doing low carb...
At least i know its not LT:D
So all who are refeeding enjoy
I have also ben for my last weigh in today and will post the results on a seperate thread!:D:D:D
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Says it as it is!!!
C: 8st11lb G: 8st11lb
Thanks hunni... yeah, staying dry sounds fab!!!!!


Wanna be....sexy!
Aw,hope you are feeling better soon,IBS is no joke,half time you think you are going to die with the cramps,sweating etc.,bright side on the camping trip,no wet ass in the grass!


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Shame about the camping, but there's no substitute for a warm dry bed!
It would have been misery all round. Feck this climate, I want to retire abroad when the time comes!
awww sorry you have had to cancel your trip hun - bloody weather!! Have just read in the paper that from next week on its going to get really hot and will last for a few weeks (not sure if I believe it!)

Hope you are feeling better soon :) - kids can be a nightmare sometimes I know but they are worth it in the end

Hugs xx
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Sorry to hear about the IBS and the camping trip. Hope you feel better soon.


rainbow brite

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Sorry about the trip being cancelled babe, I know you were really looking forward to it :( However, at least you know your feeling poorly isn't down to LT and have a good plan to follow from here on out. You'll be done with your weight loss in no time honey. I hope you feel better soon xxx
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Aww Nic babes I'm sorry you trip has been cancelled but maybe a good opportunity for some rest for you young lady. At least you now know what you are dealing with... look after yourself hun, sending hugs xxx
awwwww sweetie - sorry about ur camping trip and also the IBS :(

If your gonna go on atkins will you be posting what your eating - i am thinking of doing it when i get to goal - hopefully in 8 weeks or so :O I could do with some tips :D



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sorry to hear about your holiday and being poorly hunni i hope you fell better soon and good luck with weigh in. xx

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