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Camping trip

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Hi everyone!

I'm going on a camping trip in a few weeks and was wondering if anyone has any ideas for food and snacks so that I don't fall into the usual trap of plumping for sausages or burgers on breadrolls/barms with ketchup for every meal!!

What food and snacks do you / would you take on a camping trip to still be good on EE? Any ideas for bbq or camping stove would be brill. :eating:

Thanks! xx :flowers:
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You could make some scotch eggs before you go & take them with you, all you do is wrap a hard boiled egg is sausage meat & then roll it in a crushed scan bran then cook in the oven for about 20 mins - these are really nice hot or cold.


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If it's nice weather it's always good to have salads and things to go with the meat off the barbie. You could always take some of the Ainsley's Cous Couse sachets as they don't take much work (or make mess) but are tasty on their own or with something else.

I'm sure there are some really nice marinades out there for chicken wings/thighs/drumsticks that aren't high in syns (and would avoid having a bread roll with it) but I don't know of any! And sausages are ok if you go for the low syn/syn free ones (I like the Morrison's ones).

Where are you headed?


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If you like meat on the BBQ, then make your own burgers with lean mince or, as stated above, get the diet sausages, which are quite nice. Have them with salad... or cous cous... or beans (if you're doing extra easy). Or if you do want the bread, have wholemeal and count it as a HexB.


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how about sticking to quorn sausages? They are free (I think some flavoured ones are sins).


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Hi, a very quick bbq marinade is to mix equal quantities of tomato sauce and diet coke! Just marinade the meat in it for 1 to 2 hours before chucking it on the bbq.


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Try the low fat batchelors supernoodles, you can make them up on the stove and they are free on green. Also, the mug shots are only a couple of sins on green.

For breakfast have your hexb toast with either beans or your hexa choice of cheese with fruit etc..... lunches depending on what day you're doing could be omlettes with mushrooms bacon onion etc.......
and dinners, morrisons syn free sausages are nice with tomatoes mushrooms and that kind of thing, that's if you have a little chiller or car fridge?

I regularly go camping and caravanning and I stick to plan, it's about being prepared ;) :D
S: 16st0.5lb C: 16st0.5lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 35.2 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Thanks everyone! Some great ideas here! Need to save as many syns as poss for the voddie! :D

Think I will defo make some homemade burgers, scotch eggs, salsa (to replace ketchup) and take along packets of cous cous and pasta'n'sauce. I will also bag up some salad into portions (easy to grab out of the cooler box) and take stuff to make SW fry-ups each morning.

I'm not so worried about straying from the diet now! :thankyou:

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