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Extra Easy Can anyone help me with my first SW food shop?

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by BeaBeas, 10 August 2014 Social URL.

  1. BeaBeas

    BeaBeas Full Member

    Hi all, I am joining SW tomorrow (have done it before a few years ago so can remember the general idea of what I need to do) but need to order a food shop tonight to come tomorrow. Would anyone be able to help me plan my meals for this week? Also a few questions in here if anyone can answer?

    Generally we eat quite low carb. I don't eat bread, pasta or rice but eat potatoes sometimes. Typical meals would be fish pie, chicken stir fry with noodles, pork chops with roasted veg, farm shop sausages with mashed root veg and gravy, homemade chicken curry with roasted cauliflower/broccoli. Are there any ways I can make these SW friendly? I think I should be able to find a recipe for the fish pie and curry. Can you eat fresh noodles on SW or is there a better alternative? I have a freezer full of these small thin sausages from the farm shop, but I'm really unsure on how I would syn them.

    Breakfast is usually yoghurt with berries so I will swap to fat free yoghurt and I assume that would be an ok breakfast? Also salad or jacket potato for lunch.

    I drink a lot of coffee. Is having almond milk in my coffee better than the normal 1% milk I usually buy? I really like both so don't mind swapping if I'm allowed more.

    I don't generally snack that much through the day but have a massive sweet tooth and always want a pudding after my dinner! I love chocolate so any suggestions for sweet things I can use my syns on for after my dinner would be great :) I vaguely remember having curly wurlys quite often when I last did SW. Also will snack on fruit through the day if i fancy something.

    Hopefully someone could help as I'm stressing a bit about food shopping. Really appreciate any answers to my questions :D
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  3. miataiblue

    miataiblue Silver Member

    Hiya, it's a bit late now for your shopping but thought I'd try to help :) I always follow the ee plan.

    Fruit and ff yogurt is fine for breakfast. Jackets and/or salad are great lunches. My lunches for next week are omelette (twice), crust less quiche with pickles, creamed sweetcorn soup, beans on toast, potato cakes and some sort of sandwich.

    I'm not sure on the fish pie as the hubby doesn't like it so I've never made it. You can do chicken stir fry using soy sauce and 5 spice or use syns on a stir fry sauce. Pork chops with roasted veg would be fine as long as there's no fat on the chops and you use frylight for roasting the veg. Standard pork chipolatas are 2syns grilled (I'm not sure if they're the ones you have in the freezer?) and syns can be used on gravy.

    I'm not sure if by 'fresh noodles' you mean preprepared from the chiller cabinet or homemade? The ones from the chiller have syns and I'm assuming homemade ones would too. I use pre packed dry noodles which are syn free.

    You can have quite a bit more almond milk than 1% milk but the actual amounts depend on the brand that you buy.

    Meringue nests are low syn or you could make syn free ones using sweetner. Curly wurlys are 6 syns. There are quite a few chocolate bars under 10 syns. I usually have low syn/syn free meals so I can have some sort of treat every day. My favourite at the moment are morrisons value range caramel wafer bars for 4 syns.

    Hope I managed to help :) xx
  4. BeaBeas

    BeaBeas Full Member

    Thank you so much for your reply! Luckily I decided to do my shopping tonight instead so you've really helped. Thanks for answering all of my questions too. Totally forgot about using frylight. I have some in the cupboard so will use that up.

    I'm glad it seems like I can generally eat the same things but make slight changes (ff yoghurt, dried noodles etc). Going to look up some recipes for curry and fish pie now.

    Thanks for the sweet suggestions. I love meringue so will buy some of those and have a search on here for the best chocolate to buy :D
  5. Elvisfan4life

    Elvisfan4life Silver Member

    Lots of fresh fruit and veg
    lean meat bacon and fish
    low fat cheese for hea
    benefit bars for heb

    treats i like

    aldi chewy bars in white choc...like flapjacks 5 syns
    finger of fudge 6 syns
    dairy milk thin bars 5 syns
    curly wurly 6 synss
  6. BeaBeas

    BeaBeas Full Member

    Thank you! I'm off to Aldi tonight so will look out for the chewy bars.
  7. Elvisfan4life

    Elvisfan4life Silver Member

    There are milk and white choc ones..white choc has purple on the box they sell out first..and are delicious hope you find some

    the aldi benefit less than 70c bars are 2for your heb as well...6 in a box and come in three flavours...choc and fudge, summer fruits and apple and sultana all are lovely and you can have one midday and one in the afternoon for a sweet treat free..stock up when you see them they sell out fast think they are £1.19 or £1.29 a box much cheaper than alpen
  8. miataiblue

    miataiblue Silver Member

    I love trying to tweak recipes to try to make them sw friendly. I usually make mushy pea curry as I find others either too watery or split if I use yogurt/fromage frais :-( and meringue nests are nice topped with fruit and ff fromage frais mixed with sweetner for a sweet treat. It's not quite whipped cream but good enough lol xx

    Really wish my aldi wasn't 2 bus rides away :-( those bars sound delicious! Xx
  9. BeaBeas

    BeaBeas Full Member

    Ooh those bars sound good too. Thank you for the tips!

    I loved mushy pea curry when I did SW last time. Totally forgot about it! Will make it next week definitely. I hope they open an Aldi close to you too. I have two pretty close and they are building another within walking distance of my house :eek:
  10. miataiblue

    miataiblue Silver Member

    Wow! Spoilt for choice lol. I need to learn to drive! Then it would only be probably 20 mins in the car. I've finally just got my provisional licence after saying I will for the last 10 years so that's progress lol xx
  11. Elvisfan4life

    Elvisfan4life Silver Member

    I .love aldi it,saves me a bomb every,week don't think i could even afford to do SW without it

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