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  1. kezzyBee

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    Hi I Hope I'm ok posting here.. I've never been on this forum before and was just hoping somebody can help.. Basically I go to the gym regularly and on Monday night did a tone class, by the end I couldn't actually feel my legs they didn't hurt or anything just went really weak and I struggled to get down the stairs at the gym... Ever since then I have been in agony.. Like pain I have never felt before from exercising and I've had personal training sessions before that were harder than the class I did but not been this bad. I'm not just talking stiff or sore muscles I mean I feel like someone's ripped my muscles out or stabbed me in the front of my thighs!! Would anybody know why I am in so much pain this just doesn't feel like normal muscle pain.. I can barely move for fear of the pain! What could I do to help relieve it? I have tried paracetamol and ibuprofen and they don't do a thing! Please can someone help?? Its been 2 days since the class and the pain hasn't eased at all :( Thank you for reading!
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  3. kezzyBee

    kezzyBee Silver Member

    Thank you for your reply
    That sounds exactly the same.. I think doctors is the best bet tomorrow if Im no better. What did you use exactly? Just normal bandages or are they especially made for muscle trauma? Sorry to sound so daft lol
  4. kezzyBee

    kezzyBee Silver Member

    That's a great help thank you so much I'll give it a try :)

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