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Can anyone help?

I am now onto my fifth week and i must be doing something wrong cos i didnt lose anything my fourth week :( I am wondering if it might be because i done some red days as i hadnt done any of these before :confused:

I only have a stone to lose but it doesnt seem to be going very far!!

Here is my weight loss record:

Week 1: lost 2lbs
Week 2: STS (was TOTM tho)
Week 3: lost 1lb
Week 4: STS :(
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I have my mojo
I shouldn't imagine it would be red days. I find they boost you more than anything. Are you keeping a diary and counting your syns religiously? Sometimes totting them up in your head just doesn't work.

How much have you got to lose may I ask? :D

K xx
yep i keep a food diary and write everything down. I have been having my full 10 syns a day this week and wasn't having that many before, maybe this could be why? I was starting to crave choc and biscuits etc though so thought i might aswell use my syns as thats what they are there for.

I only want to lose about a stone, i am basically doing SW cos i was eating terribly! I was eating so many cakes, biscuits etc every day!!
....and i was putting on weight!! i just want to lose a stone so i can get back to how i was before i started eating terribly and then maintain that weight and eat healthly.


I have my mojo
The less you have to lose the harder it is I think! The fact of the matter is you have lost overall and so yoyu should be pleased with that!

However, if your "problem" area is biscuits, etc don't syn them all of the time......smart syn! When I joined I was fat due to my carb addiction without doubt.....I re-trained my thinking with SW and no longer have a carb addiction! See it as a challenge :D

I tend to think you sabotage yourself if you have too much of your weakness foods, plus I have found that the more fresh food I eat the better loss I get. Hope this helps in some way, and don't feel downhearted! You are doing well sticking it :D

K xx
Thanks hun :)

Yeah i see what you mean, i think ive just been feeling a bit down this week, there has been so many temptations, and i keep thinking whats the point!! So when i found out i hadn't lost anything, it kinda made these feelings worse!!

Hopefully this week will be better :) xx


Silver Member
It is definitely harder to lose that last bit of weight (in my opinion anyway!). I joined SW in the first week of January, wanting to lose 1.5 stones - it's now more than 4 months later and I've still got a way to go!

I think my average is 0.75 lbs per week - not fast, but hopefully it'll stay off...

Just try and keep your motivation going, whatever way you can, and you'll get to you target when your body is ready! Good luck!


I shouldn't imagine it would be red days. I find they boost you more than anything.

I hate to go against what others have said but I actually find that if I have red days I tend to STS or gain. There were a couple of ladies in my group who found the same happened to them and so we stuck to having green days. Equally there were people who found that green days didn't work for them so mainly stuck to the red and those who had to have a good mix of both days through the week to see any effects.
The trick with SW is to find what works best for you. The basics are given to you then it is up to you to find what works best and tailor the plan to meet your own particular needs.
Not saying that it is the red days that have caused your lack of a loss though. I agree with Indieflower in that it is definately harder to lose weight the less you have to actually lose. The first four stones I shifted came off so easy that this last stone seems to be taking a lifetime!!

Just stick with it and you will get there eventually. Good luck xxx


Mad old Bat with Attitude
With a stone to lose it's like being down to the hard core! I think you need to have loads of superspeed foods,watch your portion sizes, and jump your days around(foodwise)to confuse your body into letting go. If you can up your exercise too (nothing drastic ) then it will come off. You don't eat lots of bananas do you? cos they can slow your losses down if you do.


Gold Member
Agree with what others have said but also wanted to add that its not uncommon to not lose every week. Just because we stick to plan, doesn't always result in a loss, likewise for some (lucky people) not sticking to plan doesn't always result in a gain either!!!
There seems to be a pettern emerging with you too...lose, sts, lose, sts....maybe thats how it will be for you. One thing for sure though is if you stick with it, it will happen for you.

Andy R.

Time for a change
Hope it isnt getting u down too much, its always going to be hard for anyone to lose their final stone, the body becomes more stubborn. U seem to be doing fine so far. like lentil said u have a patteren in ur weight loss. so stick at it. may take awhile but it will work. :)
Thanks, i see what you mean about the pattern, i will just have to see what happens this week!!

Yes i actually eat quite a lot of bananas!! I love them!! I have atleast 1 a day, on my weetabix in the morning.

I do usually go to the gym around 4 days a week. I used to go 6 days a week but havnt got enough time to do that now.

Is it true that you can't let your body get hungry or it will store what you eat as fat? I heard this and it's quite worrying as i am always hungry at work as there isnt time to eat a proper meal til around 2pm and i leave home at 7 am.

Thank you for all the advice :)

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