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Can anyone offer any help :(

I am 22 stone, I have tried every diet under the sun and have come to the conclusion that diets do work but my brain makes sure they don't work for me.

I have now tried Cambridge about 7 times, I know it works if I stick to it as I did get down to 18 stone but started eating again!!

I spend everyday thinking about food, looking online for the latest diet and I spend a fortune on diet books, DVD's and general rubbish.

I am so stuck in a rut I don't know what to do or who to turn to.

I went to see a CDC last week to go on SS and she said I couldn't as my BMI was over 40 and my doctor would need to sign a medical form, he wont and is dead against any VLCD. So I had to have 2 CD shakes and 3 food meals a day, this has been a disaster and I am ment to go back to my CDC on Wednesday and just dont wanna go, also not got on with her that well.

So now I don't know what to do, I am still sure CD is the best for me as I will lose weight fast, I just cannot stick to it, I have to do SS and cut out all food as even a bit of food makes me pig out, and I am stuck and so down, am crying as i type this.....sad sack!!

Have been to GP and as he doesnt like VLCD he told me to eat more fruit and veg and walk, I know this but at 22 stone I really dont wanna leave the house.

I wanna just disappear :(

s x
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Oh sweetie ...

Firstly a HUGE welcome to the lovely Cambridge forum. On here you will find the most supportive and friendly people ever.

Im sure there will be a CDC about soon to offer you advice re your doctor as I really don't know what to tell you about this.

Chin up babes and stay with us.



Call me Nicky xx
Hi hun, firstly I want to give you a big hug and say please do not feel too down about yourself. Just because you and I are overweight it doesnt make us less of a person.

You sound determined to lose the weight and that says alot about your willpower. That will in itself overcome the brain playing mind games trying to seduce you into comfort eating.

Do you have someone you can diet buddy with? I am doing SW at the mo but will happily diet buddy with you if you feel it will help. I am 17st 1lb and would like to get to 11st 7lb as my 1st goal.

If you need a friend then PM me, and I'll be here for you. Take Care xx


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Poor you! Few things I would suggest (purely my own point of view):

1. It might be worth talking to your doctor again to find out whether he's concernced that a VLCD wouldn't be suitable for you as an individual at present, or whether he's just against them on principle. If it's the former you might have to defer to his judgement, since the whole point is to make you feel better, not worse! If the latter then he might concede if you insist you're certain about it and promise to be careful. The other option is to seek out another doctor who will be more sympathetic.

2. Even if you can't Sole Source, you could try looking at it as a great opportunity to build up some good habits and deal with any 'issues' behind your eating patterns. That way not only will SS be easier for you when you're BMI is low enough, but since you will have to face food again sooner or later you will have the advantage of doing so from a much better position than some people find themselves in (food can be very scary when you've not had to deal with it for a while).

3. I completely understand what you mean about not wanting to leave the house, but again it comes back to using the opportunity to build up some good habits and deal with some bad ideas. At what point do you think you will be 'thin enough' to face the world? If you genuinely believe that you are fat worthless (there's lots of us on here who do) then you could find that it doesn't matter how much weight you lose, you'll still feel the same way. It might be worth picking a time of the day when it's really quiet and not too many people about, and going for a short walk (as short as you like, even if it's just to the front gate or end of the road) as often as you can (again, even if it's once a week it's progress). I'm not suggesting for a minute that it will be easy, but I'll bet you will feel *so* proud of yourself once you've done it, and hope it won't be as bad as you're worried about. And hey, if it's really something you don't feel comfortable doing just now, make it one of your targets!

4. Take whatever you can from all those diet books, DVD's and other rubbish you've spent your money on; keep a food and/or emotion diary, set yourself realistic goals, stock up on bubble bath/books/nail polish so you have stuff to distract you when you're having a weak moment, plan non-food rewards for milestones achieved. Anything you can do to help you through!

I think the important thing is to try to stay positive (again, it's easier said than done, but it's amazing what a difference it can make) and as Jools says there's heaps of people on here who will give you help and support. You can come on here and rant and whinge and sob and there will be others in exactly the same situation! Then you can go away, take a deep breath and face the world again, in control and focussed on what you want to achieve (which ultimately is the most important thing).

Big Hugs
You sound just like me! I have dieted for as long as I can remember. I have spent a fortune on diets, books, cds, fitness dvds, magazines etc. I have also done every diet possible. I think of food 24/7. I also cry over my weight. I feel for you, I really do. You are not the only one out there going through this torture. I was advised to return to minimins and glad I have as there are some brilliant people on here with sound advice. There are other 'shakes' diets you could try. I hear Tescos have a cheap version (possibly like slimfast). You would not need a doctor's signature for them. I know how you feel cos I am an 'all or nothing' person too. If I have a little snack it develops into a big binge so I'm better off abstaining completely. I wish you all the luck. Keep posting on here as I would love to know how you are doing! Jenny.x

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