Can anyone sell me a tub of mix-a-mousse?


I will get into that wedding dress!
my CDC keeps "forgetting" ie not ordering any of teh mix-a-mousse and im DISPARATE to try it!!!

mix-a-mousse. when using that it tends to go lumpy , now I do have some out of date lol , but really its not worth using .
I always had great success with the mousse, hopefully someone can help you with your supply crisis!
Emmie - I don't see my CDC til Monday, but I can have a word then and see if she has any? Up to you hun xx
I've never had lump issues with it, it's pretty good stuff! xx
Your CDC HAS to have all items in stock, and if not, then she should order it for you. If I was you, I would mention that you know the terms of being a CDC include having all stock available for her clients.
Same here, have it, used it once, didn't think much to it.........but if you want it........

P.S your CDC should be able to get everything for you.
anyone have some for me? I really wanna give this 'cheesecake' receipe a go, hehe. but won't see my cdc for a 3 weeks (shes on holiday)