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Can anyone suggest books for maintenance?


Recovering Foodaholic
I'm reading the Beck Diet Solution at the moment and it's seriously helping me to break through my rut! I've also got Eating Less, as suggested by Laura, but I don't think I'm quite ready for that yet, so I'm saving it for when I've done some serious CBT and habit breaking work, moving on to maintainence. The Beck book has dedicated pages for you to scribble on and is very prescriptive in activities and techniques- one day at a time. I can't recommend this book enough!

You can also read the sample chapters of the Eating Less book if you go to Gillian Riley's website.

It's down to where your head is at this time. You can pick them up for fairly cheap on Amazon- I got both of mine for less than a tenner combined and I'd say that it was one the best things I've done so far :D x


Strong women stay slim
Weight Loss for Food Lovers
By (author) George Blair-West

It's not what's in your mouth - but what's in your mind...the question is not what to eat? Overweight people know they should eat! The real questions are the whys': Why don't we eat what we should? Why do we eat what we shouldn't? And why do we sabotage our healthy eating plans? This ground-breaking book explains in fascinating but simple terms why most dieters fail at, or actually sabotage, their weight loss plans. Three key reasons are: a deep love of food; rebelling against excessive deprivation; and, there are benefits to being overweight. It's not that people fail diets, it's that diets fail people. And parents are failing their children - one of the greatest gifts we can give them is the habit of healthy eating so that as adults this comes naturally. This is not another 'diet book' - there are no menus, calorie charts or exercise programs - but it is a book you must read before you try to lose weight again. By calling on the latest research, Dr Blair-West's clinical experience, the 'French Paradox' and even Zen mindfulness, he will share the secrets of keeping the weight off.


Laugh in the face of food
I've got Paul McKenna, can't say it's worked really, I fall asleep everytime I put the CD on and I have so idea if any of it sinks in or not. It's a good cure for insomnia though lol.


Laugh in the face of food


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I was looking at "How not to get fat" by Ian Marber (the food doctor) in Waterstones the other day, I haven't bought it (yet) but it looks promising. Here is the blurb from his website:

In this revolutionary but commonsense book, Ian tells the reader how to eat so that they will never get fat.

If all diets work, why is it such a problem for us to maintain a healthy weight while still enjoying life? In Ian Marber’s long-standing experience as a nutritional therapist, most people want to eat in a way that satisfies their hunger, enables them to enjoy good food, minimises cravings, and works with even the busiest work, or social, schedule all without gaining weight. We do not always understand how our bodies work and therefore how and what to eat. Ian explains how to ensure that the food we eat is enjoyable and converts to energy rather than fat.

We learn how to diet, not how to eat, and when we treat ourselves the weight creeps back on and another cycle of emotional guilt and self-denial begins. In this revolutionary but commonsense book, Ian tells the reader how to eat so that they will never get fat.

This is not a one-off diet book; it is a way of life...that works! Radical yet realistic, packed with quotes and scenarios that the reader will recognise, informative yet humorous, Ian Marber delivers us from dieting.

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