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can i ask monday weighers

I think I definately am. I dont think I deprived myself this weekend but definately made me double think about the choices I was making for snacks and dinners.....

I was really tempted to just eat a bag of maltesers last night but have decided to wait until I have weighed in tonight and if I have a loss then treat myself with them.


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I get weighed on a Tuesday Tara and I find that keeps me focussed over the weekend as I don't think a day is enough to undo any damage, Tuesday night tends to be my saturday night!!

Mrs V

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I weigh on a Monday morning and the "threat" of the scales keeps me focused over the weekend I almost caved in last night and after a long day, was about to have a curry with husband. Thankfully I decided that I had spent enough money that day (now proud season card holder for Paulton's Park), so thought better of it.
Glad I did now because I got on the scales this morning and have lost 7lbs!
Oh yes, there is method in my madness of weighing on a Monday. Weekends are my wobble times (if i'm gonna) so that keeps me focused a bit more. Now Tuesday to Thursday hummmm - thats another matter lol.
so thought better of it.
Glad I did now because I got on the scales this morning and have lost 7lbs!
Well done on the loss Mrs V......

Mrs V

Loves Life!
Thank you!!! This is the lightest I have been in 4 years! I have a very long journey still ahead of me, but I will get there, like everyone on here.
Yes!!! I think it does, as you have the Monday weigh in you don't want to go off the rails and then have a bad weigh in :) Plus I love being weighed at the start of the week so each week is started with my weigh in. Monday night is my treat night also :D
I weigh in on a Monday and I think it does have an effect on what goes on at the weekend. I used to weigh in on a Wed and always had that buffer of 2 days to "undo" the damage, however my weekends I tend to do EE anyway which gives the flexibility I need. I think its six and half a dozen at the end of the day and what suits you best.

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