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Can I ask your opinions please?

Am still struggling with my Dilemma!!!!
Although I thought I had answered my dilemma, am still having major doubts….. I have asked on the Lipotrim website but thought seen as cambridge has a few extra options as oppse to total food replacememtn and refeed - I thought I's ask your advice!

Dilemma- I am in week 3 of Lipotrim and am taking my hubby to be to Dublin Fri 25th Jan for a surprise weekend for his birthday:D and I do not want to do the shakes over the weekend. Now clessofme gave me some great advice and advised me to stick to a Atkins style plan but I was scared I couldna do that and would start craving carbs and fresh fruit and veg whilst I was eating the protein. I also don know if I could only have one meal a day! I spoke with my chemist and she advised me to stop Lipotrim this Sat after having my weigh in and do the re-feed for one week then enjoy my weekend and get back on track. This is was I thought I would do until last night….

I am so scared that I mess up the re-feed and go totally over bored and then find it really hard to get back on track… I def don’t want to be doing the full lipotrim plan whilst am away but would still like to lose as much as possible until I go. Does anyone think I could do lipotrim up until say the day I go then kind of do re-feed style plan over the weekend making sure I eat chicken and salad, or fish and veg etc then get back to it on the Mon? Or is it truly better for me to do the re-feed properly? My thinking is 2 days of chicken and salad etc is better than 7 before going back into Lipotrim full swing for another month. Am just so scared of losing this new found will power that has hit me this last couple of days!

Please help….

I guess I'll never hear the answer I want but if any one had any advise to give I'd be really grateful

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Look. If you have that willpower within you it will always be there. You just have to want to use it. Do the re-feed -even for the couple of days -AND maybe walk the legs of yourself -there's plenty to see in Dublin so that should be easy for ya -then do the shakes agin when you get back. If you always keep it in mind that you're losing weight you won't go boogaloo. I also mainly agree that you should maybe do Atkins style diet - you'll stay in ketosis -you can have you fresh veg(no fruit tho) and it will be easier to get back into your shakes once you've got home. ihope you relax a bit before you go -enough so you can enjoy your weekend too. I love Dublin ya lucky thing. ;)
maybe a good comprimise would be to take some tetras and bars, and just have a 790 type meal in the evenings (ie, chicken or white fish with green veg)??

I can see why it was suggested to refeed before 'eating normally' as I for one have had the mother of all carb hangovers - just about as bad as a new years day hangover if you catch my drift.

I had intended to have a short break over Christmas and am STILL struggling to get back into it.
Oh, sorry, just realised you're on LT, so no bars or tetras. Hmmmmmmmmm.

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