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Can i blend frozen fruit?

Morning all, sorry if this has been asked before, a little confused over the can blend, can't blend situation...so veg in soup, sauces is ok to blend but we can't blend fruit?

Jamie Oliver did a lovely looking fat free mango sorbet using Frozen mango chuncks - would it still be free?
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Blended, pureed, mashed or cooked fruit needs to be synned whether it is fresh or frozen so no the sorbet would not be free.

But you can do whatever you want to vegetables without affecting the syn values.
Thats a shame it looked lovely, suppose its better than buying 'real' sorbet or ice cream
its very low in syns though or could use it as a hexb. The new Italian book uses frozen raspberries for a sorbet and it is only 1 1/2syns per portion.It uses 400g and is enough for 4 portions-works out a fair sized portion.
So why can we blend veg, but not fruit? I don't understand it


Strutting her stuff
Because fruit is higher in natural sugar and it would be easy to overconsume when blended. Think how many pieces of fruit go to make a glass of fruit juice or a smoothie - you could down the juice in seconds without it filling you up, but how long would it take to eat all those pieces of fruit?
Ok thanks Circes. Think I get it. Blended fruit wouldn't fill you up as much as blended veg would (soup)

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