Losing the baby weight for my wedding


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So iv tried my best not gonna lie not been fab and don't intend on being the best today. As its my first mothers day.

Lost 1lb this week now 13.1 so I'm happy. We lost our little gerbil on Wednesday and since then been all over the place we got them when we lost our baby so they were very dear to us.

Tomorrow we are going out for a mother's day meal with my parents and sisters. Dad is recovering from an op and mum's off tomorrow so they coming along together. So it's Thai all I can do is my best possibly take Zac a big walk after to burn off some calories.

Have a lovely day everyone x


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So I was good yesterday

Breakfast hex b toast and egg with mushrooms

Lunch Chinese our mother's day treat for mum had hot and sour soup 5 syns and chicken and black bean sauce 5. 5 syns and boiled rice.

Dinner - salt and chilli flava shaka on chicken skewers with onion pepper and courgette loaded potato skins hone made with hex a cheese bacon and red onion

Snack carrot sticks

Syns 10.5


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G: 11st0lb

Breakfast = hex b brown bread, poached eggs
Lunch - left over spaghetti which was in freezer
Dinner - quorn pasta bake with hex a cheese and loads of vegetables
Syns - crisps - 7 syns
Weekly - 17.5/105


Breakfast - usual work breakfast hex b granola, fruit and fat free yoghurt
Lunch - home made lentil soup
Snack - bananna
Dinner - Turkey sausages x 2 - 3 syns made into a casserole, boiled potatoes and cabbage
Snack - fruit
Syns - 3
Weekly 20.5/105


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I'm not too bothered as know I deserved it.

Today my fiance was off work as day off so we TOOK Zac to softplay was amazing. We ran around for ages.

Breakfast - 3 eggs omelette with ham, mushroom and onion

Lunch - lentil soup and sandwich brown bread with turkey hex b and say ten syns to be sure for second slice bread

Snack - crisps squares 5 syns

Dinner - home made risotto with fish and shropska salad with hex a feta cheese

Syns - 2 hero's 4 syns

Syns - 15


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S: 26st8lb C: 26st3lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 57.5 Loss: 0st5lb(1.34%)
Yoy will soon have that 1 lb off hun meals sound great xxx


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Thanks here hoping

Breakfast Tuesday was hex b brown bread and egg

Lunch - tuna mayo 1 syn for mayo with shropska salad cucumber tomatoes spring onions peppers and onion with hex a cheese

Dinner - pasta bake loaded with vegetables and quorn mince

Syns - 1
Weekly - 16


Breakfast - usual work breakfast granola hex b, fat free natural yoghurt, grapes and strawberries

Lunch - homemade lentil soup

Snack - bananna and apple

Dinner - sausage casserole with mashed potatoes, carrots and peas 3.5syns for sausages

Syns - 3.5
Weekly - 19.5

Today breakfast same as yesterday

Lunch - lentil soup

Snack - tangerine and bananna

Dinner - flava shaka South Indian chilli chicken with rice and vegetables

Supper - 2 slice toast 8 syns with hex a cheese and ham
Syns - 8
Weekly - 27.5
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