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Losing the baby weight for my wedding

I'm Kirsty, 30 and mum to 8 month old Zac. I am getting married in 2020 and need to lose the baby weight.

A little about me.

I fell pregnant in 2015 and lost a baby due to an ectopic pregnancy, which resulted in emergency surgery leaving me unable to exercise for weeks due to infection and from then on my fiance and I comfort ate before falling pregnant again and having my rainbow baby in April 2017. Since having my son he has colic, reflux and a cows milk allergy so he has been hard work we not had a chance to get on it properly. However we have decided today to start healthy eating I am going back to slimming world which worked for me before with the old Red green and extra easy days.

Not sure how it works exactly now but I'm going to do it the way I did before unless someone can explain. I can't go to a class as my son never gives us a second and is often really sore at night taking up alot of our time so doing it from home.

I weighed myself and I'm the heaviest iv ever been 14stone 3lbs and I want to get to around 11.

Any help or support appreciated.

Today iv had

Breakfast - 2 egg omelette with red onion and cherry tomatoes

Lunch - vegetable soup with carrot, Celery, leek, spinach and kale then fat free yoghurt with blueberries, raspberries and pear.

Snack - apple

Dinner will be slimming world chilli with extra lean mince, onion, courgette, kale, baked beans, peppers and Celery with brown rice and salad with coleslaw made of cabbage, onion and carrot 0.5syns

I'll have my hex a and b tonight with some toast before bed and a bit of fruit tonight.

Syns - 0.5

Does this sound OK?
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Welcome back Kirsty and congratulations on your son and your engagement.

It can be tough going with a baby, especially when they have colic...Went through it myself with my son many moons ago...you will come out the other side and things will get easier.(((Hugs)))

If you are doing it from home and the old red and green plan worked for you it is best to stick with what you know for now and if you need any help with Syns please ask.

Extra Easy SP is similar to the old red plan.

Link below has SW FAQ on it...

Your food for today looks good.

Good luck with SW and please ask if you need anything as We are all here to support one another...good to have you with us Kirsty.:)
Thanks so much I'll take a read over shortly and that's an idea about going to get the books thank you.

I tended to do mainly extra easy and I also kept syn and used around 70 over mainly weekend that way I had a Treat still and if I need them each day I had a few.


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Thanks so much I'll take a read over shortly and that's an idea about going to get the books thank you.

I tended to do mainly extra easy and I also kept syn and used around 70 over mainly weekend that way I had a Treat still and if I need them each day I had a few.
It's all about knowing what works best for you and then sticking with it.

I started again a couple of days after Christmas and I had 6lbs off last week and for me with my history that was amazing!
Hi Kirsty,

best of luck getting to goal, wedding is great motivation.

subscribing x x
Guess where I am visiting lol I so want a syrup as Treat.

Hi thanks I struggled last night wanted chocolate so bad but knew if I had one bit I wouldn't stop so I managed to refrain.

Today my son has his Gymboree class so be a busy morning.

Had an omelette this morning again as it doesn't use my hex b and I like it for toast at night.

Breakfast - 2 egg omelette with loads of veg tomatoes, mushrooms, spinach, onion half my hex a and some chicken meat with a glass of water

Lunch when I get home will be soup same as yesterday and fruit

Dinner - I'm making petes peanut butter curry with brown rice, loaded with onions, Celery, courgette, peppers, kale and mixed frozen veg. (4.5syns for half portion) also 0.5 syns for coleslaw so I had less curry


Supper - hex b brown bread with half hex a cheese spread.

Syns - 5
Weekly - 5.5 DSC_0957.JPG
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No idea why omelette posted twice.

Day 3 and it's now star week iv also had a migraine most of this past 5 days so I'm struggling a bit as all I want is sweets.

Breakfast - 2 eggs scrambled with mushrooms and spinach in fry light and 2 tomatoes

Lunch - left over curry from last night 4.5 syns then a bowl of fruit tangerines, raspberries, half a bananna and blueberries

Dinner - making cod baked with tomatoes, peppers, onions and courgette with cajan wedges and salad 0.5syns for coleslaw

S - 3 roses 7.5syns

Supper - hex a and b toast with cold meat

Weekly 18

How is everyone doing? We had hard past few days with Zac had no idea why until I realised the stock cube had milk in it and poor baby been reacting which ended up with messy nappies last night and a sore bum. Feel awful as I gave him it twice.
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Took Zac to softplay today and then my sister and her son came back to mine so had a nice day with my sister nephew and son.


Breakfast - 3 eggs chopped in a cup with part hex a cheese and a tangerine

Lunch - some of the chicken noodle soup I made yesterday and then a bowl of raspberries, blueberries, melon and tangerine and fat free yoghurt

Dinner - spaghetti bolognase with chopped tomatoes, onions, peppers and courgette with extra lean mince and sw coleslaw on side so I ate less spaghetti (0.5syn)

S - roses x 2 (5syns)

Supper - hex b toast and rest hex a with ham

Syns - 5.5
Weekly - 23.5/105
Yesterday was a good day and I'm impressed as went to sisters for a girls night and all the girls were drinking but I didn't I took the car.

Breakfast was poached eggs hex b toast with kale

Lunch - chicken noodle soup and then some fruit

Dinner - slimming world pizza (3"syns I had half) with mushrooms, onions, peppers, pasatta with herbs and chicken with hex a cheese. With syn free chips

Syns - 2 j20 orange at my sisters 6syns for both and a packet of salt and vinigar squares 5 syns

Syns - 14
Weekly - 37.5
Yesterday was another day on plan

Breakfast - hex b brown bread, poached eggs, kale and mushrooms

Lunch - leftover sw spaghetti

Went out for coffee I had a small skinnier latte can I use my hex a? Say it's maybe 3 syns.

Dinner - steak, salad and sweet potato wedges was amazing.

Syns - aldi popcorn sweet 6 syns IMG-20180113-WA0000.jpeg


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So we have just weighed out self's

Iv lost 10lbs and I am now 13stone 7 and fiance lost 8lbs absolutely over the moon.
10lbs! Fantastic!:woohoo:

Your food looks delicious!

Well done!:0clapper:

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