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can i come back please


hi everyone. hope your all having a good weekend. as the title says can i join in with you all again. promise this the last time. been a complete useless mess as far as food is concerened this last few months... and result is.... yes...bigger and more fed up than ever. starting to affect my health now. no excuses its my own fault. starting again today. just writing out a list to go shopping. take care katey x
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Welcome back!

You can do it, one weigh in at a time, one day at a time, one meal at a time!

We're here for you :)


thank you so much. you have no idea how much that means. its nice to feel part of a group of like minded people. x


One day at a time, one step at a time
:wavey: hello Katey of course you can come back

My advise

a) come on minimins daily - very supportive, helpful, tonnes of info and recipes
b) start a diary on here
c) meal plan (this is one of my downfalls I don't always do this)
d) if you have a bad moment, keep it to just that a moment, it was a blip draw a line straight away and carry on plan , not the next day, or the following week, draw the line immediately, don't beat yourself up or dwell on it
e) go through the recipe section and write/print out ones you are interested in and do a good sw shop
f) give yourself small doable goals that set you up to succeed.

As people keep reminding me 'the tortoise always wins' so even if its o.5lb or 1lb a week, its a loss :D
Welcome back and good luck Katey. I was in the same boat as you before, I kept coming, going, coming back, leaving....got to an annoying pattern but now Im back to stay. Make Minimins your homepage (let me know if you dont know how and I will tell you) This will encourage you to use it every day. I cannot stress how much it helps you through your journey. Talking to friends or family about your weight isn't the same as speaking to hundreds of people going through the same or similar thing.
You have us all to rely on :) When your feeling bad, write to us about it. When your feeling good, do the same. There will always be someone there to read it. You can do it :D x x x x This is it!


hi, thanks for that. there are some really good tips there. will start a diary today. x and your so right. im not bothered how long it takes as long as its down and not up. x


thanks chunky monkey. thatsa lovely welcome. will def check in with you all every day now that i have my phone. an will make it my home page on home comp. hubby will know how to do that. ( im a bit rubbish with comps) have a good evening everyone whatever you have planned x
Welcome back, Katey! You can do it! :D
welcome back, the more the merrier, we all need support at times and now you are back you can receive and give some, so everyone is a winner!


Hi katie, im a fairly new returner to sw and very new to this site. Two days in and a struggling start but am determined to take one day at a time. I have a very long battle ahead and understand your predicament..good luck to you.. :)


would just like to thank you all for the warm welcome and the really great advice and tips to get started that you havr given me. i just hope that i can help sometimes if somebody is down or has a problem. or just welcome a newcomer the way you have all done with me. am off to get some beauty sleep now. got to be up early tomorrow. night all. x

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