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can i come back!!!

hello everyone, can i please join you all again?? ive fallen off the wagon big time lately, all i seem to think about is food and just sit and stuff my face with anything i can get my greedy hands on :cry:

i do fine during the week but its the weekend that i let myself down!!
im hoping that tomorrow will be a fresh start for me and plan to do a 100% week, have got myself some new electronic scales so will weigh in in the morning and take it from there :sigh:

i'll start a new diary too and make sure i post every single day, think i might join in the fallen angels thread too for some extra motivation;)

hope everyones doing ok ? ive missed you all but been feeling too ashamed and sorry for myself to admit to anyone how bad ive been doing:break_diet:
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Addicted to Minimins
Awwww foodfairy i've missed you welcome back. Dont feel ashamed about falling off the band wagon almost everyone does at some point. You have made the first move coming back on here you have done it before so you know you can do it. Did you ever try flexible syns that is what one of the ladies from our group does she saves most of her syns for the weekend because she goes out and has a drink and a meal. Good luck foodfairy you can do it.:D
awww thanks sonia :D your post has really cheered me up and inspired me to start afresh ;)

i have done flexi syns in the past but havent tried it for ages, you've given me something to think about next time i feel like having a blow out ( though i hope i wont lol ).

ive just been sat planning out a sw friendly shopping list for next week and have worked out tomorrows menu which includes scan bran cake and jacket spud with beans n cheese for my tea!!

forgot to mention that im also stopping smoking tomorrow too, i know i can do both sw and quit smoking at the same time as i did it before - if i have a craving i'll just grab a piece of fruit instead till it passes.....i WILL be healthy again!!!!!


Addicted to Minimins
Hiya glad to of been some help.:D Which scan bran cake are you having I had the sticky toffie pudding one the other day and ate the whole thing in one go:eek: and I enjoyed every last mouthful. Good luck with the giving up smoking aswell keep us informed on your progress.


Queen of the Damned
Hey Foodfairy, I'm a newbie when it comes to Slimming World so will look forward to reading your new diary - welcome back ;)
bugger.....cant make the scan bran cake as ive run out of coaco powder ( its the choc one ) so i'll have to have something else instead till i go shopping :sigh:

ive not tried the toffee one yet, but give me time, i plan on getting through them all lol :p
I wondered where you had got to!!! Glad you are back hun x Good luck with the smoking thing, im sure you will be fine :)
I noticed you posted up some recipes, thanks for that it was looking a bit bare, any more that you have would be great xx
hiya hun, thanks for that, im back now for good :D

i'll post some more recipes soon i promise !!!

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