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Can I exercise on SS?


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Yeah I'm sure it would be fine hun, as long as you don't go too mad as remember we're on so few calories, but listen to your body, drink plenty of water and should be ok...I know resistance training is better than cardio while doing ss, but if you feel comfortable doing it, won't do any harm, just might not speed weight loss up, which some people think it will:eek:


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You are allowed yes, but just don't go too crazy. If you used it before, you should be ok, just don't do too much. Learn to know when your body's being pushed too much. If you weren't really doing any exercise before, CD recommend not taking it up in the first few of weeks. Just let your body adjust to the diet and slowly work it in. But I think you should be fine, as long as you don't do too much.

As dappy said, resistance may be better. That will work on toning up muscles, but also it carries on burning calories for longer than cardio.

Do you have the cross trainer at home or are you going to the gym for it?

I really should start putting all this theory into practice more!


Yummy Mummy in the making
Hmm maybe I should leave cross trainer for a bit as I didnt use it before CD. I have it at home, hubby uses it but I havent so far. Not sure what resistance training involves so going to look it up (I never do exercise :eek:)
Thank you for replies x


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I swim about three times a week. I find it has absolutely no effect on my weightloss but I do feel healthier and it's good for relieving stress.


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Sorry, resistance training is the weight machines!

You should be fine with it, just build up. Don't go all out for an hour first time! :)
so its better to do the weight machines than the running ones etc....
what machine is best for toning your tummy?
Like Guru I also swim and do aquafit, not so much for weight-loss as for toning. I do enjoy exercise though, If you are not used to exercise, start with something gentle.

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