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Can I get a bit of advice from all you that are experienced!!

Hi Peeps!
I am starting my lighterlife tomorrow. I have the meeting this evening but I am extremely worried that I may not be doing the right thing. I believe I have an overeating disorder. I think of food a lot of the time and my life does seem to revolve around it!!! This is not a joke Im being truthful. I have not suceeded with cambridge before and am scarred of failing! Do the counselling sessions help with eating disorders such as mine? Please could you help as I am desperate to find out and am soo worried if I am doing the right thing or not?
I dont just want another failed attemp at dieting if this is not the right programme for me that does not tackle the issues I need tackeling.
Thanks so much - Lorraine
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there is a world of difference between someone who overeats constantly and someone with a condition such as an eating disorder. You need to speak to your gp. If you have an eating disorder that is confirmed or otherwise then seeking appropriate medical advice is essential before embarking on this plan. You need to be honest with your gp and with LL. Even tho LL is fab with the counselling etc it is not necessarily appropriate if you have an eating disorder.

Hope that helps.

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I depends on your LLC. Mine happens to be a psyhcologist that actually specialises in eating disorders, so in that instance you would probably be alright.

I would speak to you LLC too and advise her of your concern. Now is not the time to be shy, or evasive - tell her how it is, as you see it. You won;t say anything she has not heard before. Or speak to you GP and get their advise.

I consider my problemw ith food an eating disorder as well, like you, I used to think constantly about food - was planning the next meal while eating the current one - jut eating at every single drop of a hat. If there wa a breeze, I'd eat. If it rained, I'd eat. If I was happy, sad, angry - I'd eat.

The counseling has helped immensly - I am on week 19 of abstainance and have not had one morsel fo a crumb, and I feel so much better for it. Its changed my life.

But you need to feel confident - do you just say you have an eating dosorder, or have you been diagnosed? Sometimes, words can get bandied about too freely they then lose all meaning.

Have a good chat with your doc and your LLC and see how it goes.

Good luck to you.



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I'm not really sure I have any constructive advice, but found this link that might be helpful:

National Centre For Eating Disorders - effective treatment for all forms of eating disorders

I think with the right counsellor, LL would be perfect for you. Abstaining would help you to realise you CAN survive without food, and give you the chance to develop new mechanisms for coping with your emotions. However, the wrong counsellor may not understand and that wouldn't help you at all.

Meet your nearest counsellor (meet several if possible) and perhaps consider getting some private counselling alongside it with someone experienced with eating disorders.

Good luck, whatever is best for you :gen126::gen126:

Well ladies, thank to all of you who have given your advice it is much appreciated! I did speak to my LLC who informed me that I wasn't telling her anything that she hadn't heard before! I really enjoyed the group that I went to last night and feel that with the support group then I can do this diet and I believe that the therapy will help me too! Once again thanks to all you ladies. Day 1, here we go!!!!