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Can I have Curry Sauce On Induction?

If you're following the book I'd say no! Induction is all about depleting your body of carbs and weaning yourself off them.

But! if you're strict and don't let others carbs creep in from rice and naan (and keep it quite a dry curry) I reckon you'll be alright!

There are a few low carb curries in the recipes thread at the top of the page as well.

All the best.

Oooh PS. I think Madras will be better than a lot of other 'saucy' curries - not as many 'hidden' carbs from onion, other veg etc.


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Or better to make your own sauce from cream and curry powder?
I agree, keep within the 20G carbs, having said that you should be getting the majority of your carbs from 3 mugs of chopped green leafy veggies a day Leah. :D

Sorry, had to say that it's my mantra. ;)
Hehe thanks Jim.

I went for an omlette, much quicker! But i'm having it tonight. Going to cook some beef, green beans, broccoli and cabbage and stir in the sauce so it's quite dry.

I'll be having chicken again for lunch as it's nice and cheap pre cooked from the butchers :)
There are some very good low carb curry recipe's on the recipe thread Leah. :)


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I have to admit to having 100g of jalfezi (sp?) curry most saturday nights. It's a guilty pleasure of mine :)
The Net carbs work out at 6.4 for half the jar. I've only had chicken legs all day so was thinking of a beef curry with green beans and cauliflower (weird mix, yes)

Can I have curry sauce or is that not allowed? It's a madras... ?

Edit: 300th post is about curry sauce haha, typical me!
When you say net carbs - you should just count the carbs as they are on the jar, nothing to deduct on UK labels as it is already done for you. Don't want you going over by mistake!

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