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Can I have one meal and still lose weight

The basis of TFR is that it is just that Total Food Replacement, its black and white. Either do it or don't..its too much money to waste every week. Or maybe try something else like Cambridge??


weighs a lot less
sorry hun LT is total food replacement so no eating,which day are you on?when you go into ketosis you wont be hungry anymore xx
Look purple haze a friend of mine lost weight that way but if youre going to eat anything you might has well go on a very low cal diet cause its basically the same thing.Just remember to keep your fluid intake up or your butt will suffer!
Hi quys couldnt she follow the Maintanance plan in stead? i know someone who is doing that and is losing weight just not as much


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Lipotrim is Sole Source as the guys have said....total food replacement, but I lost weight consistantly and often had a Atkins style meal in an evening. What you are doing is basically Cambridge Diet 810 plan if you have a meal. It will come off slower, but you will remain in ketosis. It may be worth checking out the CD thread and see what foods you are allowed. If you can stick to SS then try and do that hun...your weight loss will be quicker, but I'm having meals now and am still losing...need to shift the last few lbs.

An example of my evening meals:

Small piece of chicken with Salad
White fish with green and white veg (cauli/brocolli/cabbage)
Chicken with peppers/onions/mushrooms dry fried with spices and salad

etc etc.

I must stress though...I don't encourage this. This is what I personally do, but for optimum results its better to SS. I was fed up after a few weeks and so replaced my third shake with a meal.


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Hi Purple Haze,
If you feel this way on your 1st day I would say this diet isnt for you. If you think you wont stick it then try a different diet. I wouldnt say this diet would suit everyone.

I would suggest, as others, have already to go on the Cambridge diet - I was in 2 minds myself wether to do this or the Cambridge diet myself, but for me, I'm one of those all or nothing people. I cant do things half heartedly but I would bear in mind that after you're in Ketosis it does get easier and you wont be hungry because you'll have changed from burning glycogen (carbs) to burning fat which we all have plenty of. So the real question is what sort of person are you? If you think you wont stick to it then dont try - change to a different diet. It's quite an expensive diet to not give it your all.

Good luck whatever you choose to do.
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I think your thinking about it too much!

Give it the week and i bet my life on it once you see the results NO way will you wanna give up!

Be strong ya can do this!!! xx

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