Can I join in please??

Slim at heart

Skinny girls r 4 wimps!!
Hi Minimins!!!
Just joined yesterday... found the site & read through the stories with tears in my eyes... such an inspiration... I really feel like I can do this too...
I rang the local CDC in Cork, luckily there is one here, only 4 in all Ireland so far, & made an appointment for today at lunch time...
I feel so scared but excited too...
I have over 100lb to loose & look forward to sharing, giving & recieving support with all of you over the long road ahead!
Hi and welcome Slim at heart. We are pleased to have you with us. We are all at various stages in our diets and I have lost over 4 stone so far and still have over 6 stone to go. But we know we can do it. And the help and support on here is what is important.
Irene xx
Hello Slim at Heart, and welcome to the WeMitts. You will never be alone on your CD journey. We will always be there - to encourage, support & congratulate. To help you through the bad days (because there WILL be some) and be so proud of you when you achieve your aims.
Also we really UNDERSTAND.
Post on the general thread, each week, as well as on your own, if you start one. Look forward to getting to know you.
Ann xxx
PS I went to Ireland in 2004 and thought it was wonderful. If I'm honest, we only went there because of my relectance to fly, as seatbelts did not fit me) We spent most of our time in Co. Kerry. Would love to go again now I am more mobile.
Hi Slim at Heart, welcome to Minmins! You will find this site a huge help as you start your journey to A NEW YOU! I know it seems like a long haul but you will get there. If you stick to the rules slowly but surely the person you want to be will emerge. Post on here as much as you can, it really does help.