Can I join the WEMITTS please?


Have at least 6 stone to lose and DEFINITELY Mean It This Time!!!
Started CD 16/09 and lost 13 lbs first week. Have worked up to 6 litres of water - how much can I realistically expect to lose a week? Can already see the diff which is brill.
Hello Jin, and a very warm welcome to the WeMitts. Post aften on the general thread each week (as well as starting others if you want to) and you'll soon get to know what a wonderful, supportive group of people the WeMitts are. We truly UNDERSTAND!!!!
If you estimate 4 lbs a week, on SS, you won't be far wrong. Some weeks will be more, some less, but in the long term, 4 lbs a week is what you can expect to lose (and I'm talking FAT!! not water)
Ann xxx
Hi Jin
Welcome to the wemitts! Well done on a fantastic first weigh-in - what a motivator!!

I've been on CD for 6 months and have some weeks where I've lost 5lb and others when I've only lost 1 or 2. However, I've lost 87lb (6st 3lb) so far in 26 weeks so I've lost an average of 3.34lb which is only a tad less than the 3.5lb CD promises (a stone a month).

Some people do much better than that but I'm pretty happy with my progress so far: I've never lost this much weight over such a short period on any other diet. :)

Only another 2st 10lb to go until I reach my provisional goal. Stick with it Jin and before you know it, you'll be staring your target in the face! :D
Sorry for not replying earlier!!!

Thanks to everyone for your encouragement. It's such a help to know there's so many of us doing this.
I'm managing Ok so far- 2nd WI on Sat - will be content with couple of pounds this week after losing so much last week. Taking it a week at a time!
Love reading everyone's posts - particularly those of you whose goals in sight. Could this be me in a few months' time?? Hard to believe but I think it's starting to sink in that this COULD be my big chance to be slim.
Thanks to everyone for recipes - mufffins were good, trying a mousse at lunchtime. Yum. Strangely enough, not missing food too much at the moment.
Jin x
And this is how it will be from now on - just a way of life. A way of life that leads to your NEW life. Just keep one eye on the ball and the other on the big picture. Take each day as it comes, and post often on here.
Come to Birmingham on 25th/26th November if you possibly can. Well done so far!
Ann x
Welcome Jin and Islandgirl! :D
Great to have new WeMitts around! ;)

I'm sure you'll be losing amazing amounts! As you are already doing so well.
WOW so many Wemitts!! I think I'm going to start a Wemit roll call so we cazn see how many we have.

Welcome Islandgirl & Jin....enjoy your weighloss journey and making some amazing friends in the Wemitts.

Kam x
Welcome Islandgirl!! <waves like mad!> :D :D

Happy to have you aboard!
Welcome Islandgirl and Jin, you have come to the right place for support, encouragement and a good giggle! Post on here with all your news, we all want to know how you are getting on. Love