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Can I join the WeMITTS?


I STILL mean it!
Hi LLB, and a very warm welcome to the WeMitts. We really understand all the extra issues that are involved when you have a lot of weight to lose, and we will be here to support you every step of the way. Post often on the general thread which is started each Monday, and try and get to the "meet" in Birmingham on Sept. 8th. You CAN do it!!! Ann x
Welcome LuLu
Lookee ... we're from the same town! :) (Wonder if we've got the same CDC ... mine is Jannine).

How much are you hoping to lose? I've been on my weight loss journey off-and-on for a year and still have 5st to go: that's the good thing about wemitts ... we're there for the long haul and support each other long after others have completed their journeys.

When is your weigh-in day?

Wishing you loads of luck :)
Hi went for my weigh in yesterday and lost another 2lb. I thought that i might have gained this week , not been very good as I have been stressed as my dog isnt very well. Shes 17 now and I know the time has come for her but its very hard to let go.
Will continue to keep going its not easy with the exercise as my pedal fell off my exercise bike so Ive taken up walking but its working at the mo get my new bike in a few weeks so hopefully it wil come off quicker then.
Hope to talk to you all soon bye for now Tina..xx
Hello Ann and al other wemitts out there.
Hi Russiandoll,my CDC is Jannine aswell,she's lovely isn't she?

My weigh in day this week is Saturday usually I go for what time fits around work.I have alot more than 5 stone to lose but I'll get there.
Hi Lulu ... yes, Jannine is lovely (and gorgeous too): My weigh in day is Monday.

At my heaviest, I had 12st to lose so don't be daunted ... you'll see some pretty rapid results on CD. Just keep your goals small and achievable at first otherwise it can seem to big a task. My next goal is to get under 200lb ... just need to lose 8lb to get there :)

That way, you can hop-skip-and-jump your way to your ultimate goal. Keep us posted on your progress and post if you feel down or disheartened - we're all here to support each other.
Hi LuLuBelle.

Welcome to this fabulous place.

I'm back SSing as of Wednesday i've already lost 5 stone and have at least another 3 to go.

Have my 1st weigh in again on Sat 26th May so another week of doing it on my own (still had loads of pack as hubby dropped out 2) and then back to driving my poor councillor insane

Good luck to everyone

Jo xx
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Hi LuLuBelle.

I'm back SSing as of Wednesday i've already lost 5 stone and have at least another 3 to go.
5st since Wednesday??? Wow Jo - that's bluddy amazing!!! ;)
Hi Sheba0207
Ive got alot of weight to lose and at the moment does not seem to be coming of very quick i do not do any exercise at all i have a exercise bike but dont use it. Have you been using your exercise bike and do you find the weight comes off quicker and does it take the weight of hips thighs how long do you use your exercise bike for

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