Can I join the WEMITT's?


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I'm Helen and I just can't imagine losing all the weight I need to lose. I had my first weigh-in with my CDC yesterday and have lost my first stone! I've just been checking out some WEMITT's photos. WOOOOOW! Now thats inspiring. My hubby is doing CD too which is really helping. He's lost 13lb and one of his man-boobs bless im. Now he's lopsided poor fing.

Helen x
Hi Helen
Welcome to the wemitts: grab a chair and get yourself comfy!

I know it's sometimes daunting when you first start this journey and have quite a bit to lose but before you know it, you'll start chalking up the pounds and then the stones ... it's quite a roller coaster ride!

Looking forward to getting to know you :)
Well done Moley... got through the first week! and lost your first stone :) Must be great to have your partner also following the plan rather than sitting opposite you eating all the things you aren't allowed!

Good luck with the rest of your journey!
I am on day four... so at the start of mine too!

You'll love it on here.... More support than you could ever hope for! It's like having a team of people behind you to get you through!!

Wooden bench with splinters?? LUXURY!! I ended up on the floor .... every time I make a dash for the splintery bench, someone beats me to it!! ;)
Hello Helen, and a very warm welcome to the WeMitt's.We absolutely understand ALL the extra issues involved when you have a LOT of weight to lose. We are always here for you, with support, encouragement and answers to your questions. We will be proud of you in your achievements, and get you through the difficult days. We also like a laugh!!
We Mean It This Time - and that includes keeping the weight off once we've lost it. Please try and come to our "meet" on 25th/26th November, Jury's Inn Hotel, Birmingham. 14 of us "met" last June, and it was like meeting old friends - we all knew so much about eachother. There will hopefully be a lot of new WeMitts in November - you amoung them.
E mail me anytime if you need to. [email protected]
Ann x

Hey, it feels nice to be made so welcome. I've been keeping busy this weekend as hubby and I know weekends were our worst time to eat badly. I've cleaned 2 cars and done housey stuff while he's put down a little path across our front garden. Are we good or what?

I found out on Friday that I could possibly have fibroids as have been having a bad time with my cycles. Should be having an internal soon to confirm my doctor's suspicions. It has convinced me more that I can't have children and one of my reasons for losing weight is so that we can start a family. Have been trying since Jan but so far nothing. Got close friends who fell straight away.

My life is never dull but since January its been unlucky too! When is my luck going to change?

Helen x