This Time I will do it!

Bigbear I cannot believe how stubborn these scales are being at the moment. I'm flipping determined not to be pushed to rebel against them (as I would usually do) and undo all the hard work. Not a loss for over 2 weeks now, just stuck at 13st 11lb. The most they do is waver up and down by a few ounces from 11lb 2oz to 11lb 8oz every other day. Apart from that, not a hint of even a 10lb 13oz - Grrrr!

I had a really low calorie day unintentionally yesterday. Had slimfast porridge in the morning for breakfast. A slimfast bar and snack cheese bites for lunch. Tried to eat a Superdrug coconut meal bar at about 5pm to tide me over until we were out, and it played my stomach up before I'd even got halfway down the bar. My belly was so bloated, and *ahem* ended up a tad windy too! Florida think they've got problems with hurricane Irma! Of course this was because I was planning on wearing a fitted dress to go to a wedding reception. I did fit into the dress I bought a few months ago, and when I'd tried it on originally it was just far too clingy, but far too lovely to take it back. Yesterday I felt confident enough to wear it. OH said I looked great and he was so proud to have me walk in the venue on his arm, which made me feel even better (despite the wind!).

I was absolutely starving by the time we got home, and the buffet table at the reception was all pork pie stodge, so steered away from that. I had 2 pieces of toast when I got home, as I could have eaten a scabby donkey by that time. Expected that to upset my belly also, but it didn't, and I slept soundly after that.

We are going to Tenerife for 2 weeks on Friday. We are going back to a hotel we've stayed at twice before. It's our little bit of heaven to escape to. It's very quiet, which suits us just fine. Tranquil days on the private beach, swimming in the sea or the pools on the hotel site. I plan to sleep. A LOT! We've had a couple of days previously where we went out on day trips, or did an excursion on a yacht to see the whales and dolphins, but this year the only one we may do is to go stargazing up mt. Tiede, the volcano at the centre of the island. It will only be worthwhile if the skies are forecast to be clear, but it's meant to be the 3rd best place in the world to do so. I booked it on 4th January this year, so it's been a long old wait to finally get to go, and we can't wait.
Last day at work before our holiday, and have finally hit 13st 10lb dead on. Hurrah! One stone off, and I've packed slimfast porridge and bars in my case to keep on track.

Am so looking forward to getting sun on my bones.
Hola mis amigos!
Having a lovely relaxing time in Tenerife. Diet is a bit awol. Trying not to over indulge whilst still having a rest away from the stress.
Hoping any gains will be limited, and plan to stick back with the plan upon my return. :)
Hope you're all doing well. Sarah
Back in the land of the rain and colder temperatures :(

We had an amazing holiday, and we definitely made the most of the time there to relax and just spend all our time together. All very romantic :)
We just need to win the lottery, and then we can buy our own little place in the sun, live a life of luxury and leisure and spend more time together. It's amazing how being in the warmer climate helped both our aches and pains (we sound ancient, but we're not really). We swam every day, and just lay in the sun absorbing that bone warming heat while listening to great music, and reading.

I gained 3lb in weight while we were away, which was getting off quite lightly I thought. I did try to be very conscientious about what I was eating for the two weeks, and I think having tried so hard to lose the weight before I went made me stay focused. Breakfast was usually fruit/yogurt followed by bacon and eggs, or a bowl of porridge with some fruit. Lunch was a couple of pieces of fruit, some crisps, and each day I made a couple of small cheese rolls at breakfast time and had those at about 3pm. Dinner I stuck to a healthier eating plan with meat, vegetables and rice of some kind or another most nights, but we did have a couple of shared desserts. Neither of us drink alcohol, so it was fruit juices and water, or coffee/tea.

I had 3 afternoons spent in the spa on the hotel complex, which was very peaceful. My OH spent each afternoon in the gym, and made good progress with his workouts, so we were both happy.

We've been back one week, and despite 2 meals out during the week am really happy to be back to my pre-holiday weight already, having got straight back onto the Slimming World wagon. Work has been manic busy all week, which also helps me lose weight, because I end up too busy to eat much. I did aquafit only once last week, and am booked in twice next week, although I'm not sure I'll be back from the hairdresser in time for tomorrow night's.

So, here's to the next stone hopefully being lost by Christmas. That's my aim anyway. My birthday is 10 days before Christmas, so I'm wanting to be a bit slinkier, hopefully a size 16 by then would be a fabulous birthday present.

I'll share some pictures of our holiday with you all, and you'll see why I didn't want to come home.
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Oh wow Chuckle that looks beautiful! I know I bemoan the Italian heat at times but there's nothing like a bit of sunshine to cheer you up, eh? :)

And well done for getting straight back to SW, sounds like you did really well to balance food and holiday!
Thanks Susie. Yes, the sunshine really did the trick at boosting my mood and energy levels, although not having to work helped there I guess! It was just a treat to switch off completely, not have anything in my had to plan for the next day, and the only worry we had was could we actually wake up in time to leisurely get ready to get down to breakfast before 10:30am :roofles:

We are having dinner this evening at my eldest son's and d-i-l's, and he is making his (apparently) legendary homemade pizza. I offered to take along a salad, to which he retorted that's fine, if I want to ruin a perfectly good pizza with salad!! He's not exactly a healthy eater, can you tell? I've also managed to get my youngest 2 boys included in the invite, only 1 of which still lives at home. Eldest son is a tad opinionated, and his 3 siblings struggle to get along with him some of the time, but we are hoping for a pleasant meal. Hah! you can already tell I'm anticipating fireworks, who am I kidding?!!

Busy, busy, busy at work still! The only good thing about that is that I'm too busy to eat, which means I can keep my calories down during the daytime. My new favourite treat (I may have mentioned it already) is an Americano with cream. 61 calories, and rather satisfying and filling, so I've been having that with my lunch some days. Yesterday's Meals were:
slimfast porridge - 99 cals
slimfast bar - 218cals
2 slices toast with flora/conserve - 400 cals
bowl of apricot shredded wheat - 350 cals
banana - 100 cals
slimfast snack bar - 95 cals

Still trying to keep it to around 1200-1300 per day

Right, better get to work, or I'll be late - it's 8:50am!!
Hi chucklebug, I don't know why I haven't found your diary before now

Small intro, so you know a bit about me: I'm a short, dumpy, fifty year old, who has decided that enough is enough. This year, I WILL finally sort out my weight.

You are describing me. I'm only 4'11", I describe our family as hobbit like. I'm almost 50 and want to be healthy when I get there. I too have adult children, one of whom refuses to leave home and seems addicted to cake and biscuits.
I'm not following a specific plan but love swimming too. At the moment I cycle each day as the weather is dry but will get back to the pool when it gets wet.
I've been doing this since March and have been down and up and hopefully down again.
I have my food diary Tipperary is shrinking and my daily rant in Wemitts I want to he fabulous at 50.
Best wishes.
As you swim and do aquafit you should join our October exercise challenge, set your own goals and see if you reach them, great for keeping focussed and you are only competing against yourself. It has certainly guilted me into getting out towards the end of the month to meet my goal.
Hi Tipp, I had been catching up on your wemitts thread this weekend - love your ideas for meals.

Maybe we have parallel lives?!

The exercise challenge sounds like a great idea, so will look into that later.
Well shock! Horror! And stands back in amazement! All my boys got on, we laughed lots, no one got offended at the 'family banter'. Food was lovely, and the chef coped admirably (and I did the washing up, and took salad and pudding). Has 3 small slices of pizza with salad, but have to confess to a small portion of apple pie. Couldn't eat it all because I felt full, and guilty, haha.

Aquafit tonight and I'm going to put in extra effort.
Evening all.

Have had a quiet day at work, which makes a big change. Feel tired today though, but didn't sleep too well last night, so off to bed now.

Food today was okay.

B: slimfast porridge
Snack: slimfast cheese bites
L: ham & tomato sandwich on wholemeal bread & some popcorn
D: h/made chicken fajitas (mine without the wrap) with salad and mixed veg/bean rice, with cheese sauce (a nod to a Tenerife meal we had). Was very yummy.
Snack: slice of Soreen with flora OH just gave me for supper because we both felt peckish

Aquafit last night was fun, but busy. I did indeed put in extra effort, then swam for 15 mins afterwards at a faster rate than usual. I did start to get cramp in my toes though, so had to admit defeat and get out. Feel much better for going though, and definitely feeling the benefits physically, and think it's helping to make my waist smaller, as a dress I wore today felt loose. Yay!
Just posting a quick catch up. The past week has been soooo busy! I'm chair of a crafts guild and had to supervise an event I had organised last weekend, so very little free time after a busy week at work. Have felt tired and that has led me to bad food choices, it always does, and I should know myself better by now. Anyway, having eaten out 3 times in the last couple of weeks, coupled with a fair bit of bread and other off-plan food choices, I'm back up to 13st 12lb, so have gained 1.5lbs. Got to stop the rot, I want another stone off by xmas, so it stops now! (Said in a very firm voice to myself). I have plenty of SlimFast products at home and at work to hand, I have no excuse. It's amazing how quickly you can get out of the discipline of a routine. Also, no aquafit because there weren't any classes available to book, so instructor must be away. Am booked in for next week, but have really missed it. Wish the weather were nicer, as I could cycle to work.
So, that's me up to speed. Have had one of my boys back home for a couple of days (boy #3 who moved out in May) because he's too skint to afford to commute to work, which is nearer to us, and he's been fed well by his momma.
Just a quick hello to say I’m still plodding on. Not lost anymore weight, but not gaining either. Swimming has gone by the by for the past 3 weeks as it was cancelled one week, then I’ve started a pottery class which clashes with one aquafit night and the Wednesday night is often when one of my boys comes over to see me, and I’d rather see his gorgeous face than the ladies at the leisure centre (especially the strange blond one who does the entire class with her tongue sticking out!!):tongue:

Christmas and meals out season is upon us. Urgh! Tapas tomorrow night for a colleague’s birthday is the start of it. :eat:
I think I'll Bah Humbug as much of Christmas as possible this year