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This Time I will do it!


Hello everyone,
I've been reading a few of the threads on here lately, but not posting, so this is my first post.

Small intro, so you know a bit about me: I'm a short, dumpy, fifty year old, who has decided that enough is enough. This year, I WILL finally sort out my weight. It's taken me until July to finally start, but better late than never, huh?

I've been overweight most of my life. Fat kid. Fat teen. Lost weight in my early 20's. Married and had 4 kids. Weight been up and down constantly, but more up than down. Been creeping back on over the past 3 years since going back to work full-time. Dress size has gone up from a size 16 to a 20, and that's it, I won't allow it to go up any more. I'm too old for it, and I know that health issues will soon be the end result if I don't do something now. I've been lucky to only suffer with a bit of plantar fascitis so far.

So, my initial weightloss plan is to use Slimfast meal replacements and snacks for 2 meals a day, 3 snacks, and then have a calorie controlled meal for my dinner in the evening. Once at goal weight (not decided on that yet, but a couple or three stones at least) to continue with calorie counting. Have done all the usual diets, with varying success. I generally flag and give up after a stone or so loss.

I work full time in an office, am mum to four boys, most of whom have flown the nest to live alone or married. I live with my long-term partner, who is naturally slim, and enjoys working out regularly at the gym. He's 6ft tall, 12st 9lb of muscle and can eat what he likes - if only I could too! He can sometimes be part of my self-saboteur behaviour, because he loves to have his junk food, and I get tagged along to join him. He can get away with eating it without gaining a pound, I definitely cannot. I think I use him at times to hide my own desire to pig out, and he's become a willing accomplice (unwittingly).

So, I am three weeks in to my slimfast regime, and so far so good. I have found it incredibly easy, and the benefits have been almost immediate with my energy levels much higher, sleeping better, skin clearer. I've lost 9lb in the three weeks, so 3lb a week as an average isn't bad going, and I had hoped for 1-2lb each week. If I can keep it steadily going I will be happy.

I have tried to move around plenty, and increase my activity. I enjoy gardening so have tried to do more outside. My OH pays for my gym membership, and whilst I've not really enjoyed the gym environment because it's pretty busy when I've been, I have started to go swimming. I've booked into my first aquafit class next week, and going swimming tomorrow night too. The theory being that if I move more, eat less, it's got to have a positive result!

I allow myself to eat more 'normally' at weekends, but still try to keep the calories counted if possible. This weekend has been a bit tricky, as I'm running low on slimfast supplies, and payday is a week away. Money is tight!

I have enough to have shakes for my meals this week, and I am going to buy a couple of boxes of meal bars tomorrow as they are handy for work to eat at my desk. I work near a superdrug store, and they currently have a 3 for 2 offer on the slimfast products.

So 'hi!' fellow members, and here's to being a big thinner loser by the end of the year!
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Clean green leafy machine
Hiya Chucklebug and welcome!

Sounds like you are off to a great start, and well done for the swimming!


hey, im doing slimfast and it will be 3 weeks tomorrow. have lost 8lb so far, but have a feeling it will not be a good one tomorrow.. had a rough weekend food wise but back to being on plan today.. sounds like your doing great.


Hi LadyF and Tsr123, thank you for the warm welcome.

Tsr, sounds like you and I are at about the same stage, and I also had a bit of an off-plan weekend, and a sneaky peek at the scales this morning showed a 1lb gain (in 2 days!) I've been very good today, and went to stock up on new supplies, with the added bonus that I'd got £6 to use up on my Superdrug loyalty card, so only cost me £11 for 9 meal replacement bars, 4 sachets of porridge and 15 snacks. That's a cheap week's daytime meals and snacks, with only an evening meal to do. I'm having homemade chinese chow mein tonight (thank goodness to the Slimming World tips to cook things low in fat/sugar). That will be very filling and tasty too. I really miss flavour most of all when I've been dieting.

I'm swimming tonight, and going along early to see what the Aquafit class is all about, since I've booked into the Wednesday one. I don't want to go along unprepared without a woggle! I've got a mental image of a Victoria Wood or Julie Walters-esque keep fit teacher potentially teaching the class. When I tried an aquafit class on holiday in Tenerife last year I got paired with a giant german chap in the pool. We had to do this exercise back to back, looping arms and lifting each other up on our backs. I half drowned, because even in the shallow end it was almost 5ft deep (I'm 5ft 1in) I was submerged bending forward lifting him, and when he did the same, he lifted me clear of the water, with my legs waving in the air, and me shrieking with laughter. The whole point of exercise in water is that I'm hidden in the water so no one can see my lumps and bumps! I'm praying for a more sedate, perhaps more elderly clientele this evening.


Evening all.
Can we talk wind? Is it just me, or does eating more healthily create more wind? My insides can be like a spin dryer some days. Maybe it's just the complete change of diet, and it's taking a while to get used to it?

Also, I ate some white bread at the weekend, and it absolutely wiped me out. I felt so lethargic and tired after eating it. I could have sworn I'd been drugged, and couldn't really understand why I felt so weird, but then I remembered I'd eaten the bread, and I've not had any for a few weeks. Now I understand why I had been struggling to get through the afternoons at work previously, as I used to have a couple of slices of toast/bread each lunchtime. I'll be glad to steer clear, as despite loving the taste, i do not like the physical effect, and it'll be wholemeal if I have any bread in future.

So, today I struggled to comprehend that I was now 1.5lb heavier than Saturday! Jeez I didn't think i'd gone that far off plan. Anyway, totally on it today, and even cut out a meal bar, and replaced it with a snack porridge instead, so I should be well within the calorie count today. Dinner was a light meal of savoury rice, cooked with fresh plum tomato (grown by my own fair hand :) ) mushrooms, with some lean peppered beef slices, and some grated cheese for flavour. I've added all my calories into MFP, and it's within my daily allowance of 1200 all totted up.

I went to the pool last night and was pleased with my 30+ lengths in 45 minutes. I swim r-e-a-l-l-y slowly, but what I lack in speed I can make up for in plodding along without having to keep stopping. I did much better swimming this week too, not having to stop due to cramp in my calves. I think my muscles just panicked a couple of weeks ago when i first went, wondering what the heck I was doing expecting them to work after all this time of inactivity. It's aquafit tomorrow night. I caught the last 10 mins or so of the aquafit class last night, and I have to say the teacher taking the class could not have looked more bored if he'd tried. I'm hoping those taking part will at least liven it up instead.

Anyway, plodding on, I'm keeping at it and determined another half pound doesn't go on that ruddy scale by tomorrow morning!


Clean green leafy machine
Don't worry about the weight bouncing around a bit, it does that - maybe try not to weigh in more than once a week?

Swimming sounds great, you're doing really well on the exercise front.

And wind - yes, I can have that issue too - probably because i increase the amount of fibre from wholemeal bread and pasta, and beans...:rolleyes:


Morning all, and what a gloriously sunny morning it is in my little part of the world.

Quick catch up: Aquafit on Wednesday night was good, and a proper workout which is even better. The instructor was still a bit odd, but at least I felt I got something out it. Swam about 25 lengths after.

Stayed on plan all week until Friday, when OH & I had the day off work and went shopping for clothes for him for our holiday. Counted all my calls and came in at 1647 got the day, but we walked for at least 4hrs, so hope it balanced out.
Busy day yesterday decorating and clearing out the spare room that my son will move into when done. Knackered as a result and my back is aching today. Only got the ceiling painted, but it's a start.
Helping my eldest son & daughterinlaw today tidy up their garsen, as they know nothing about gardening. Thinking positive about the exercise rather than the negative that it's using up my time I could crack on with decorating.

Food has stayed on track I'm pleased to report. Hope you're all going great too - no doubt the extended weekend will test is all.


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Hi Chucklebug!!
I'm a slimfast-er too, works really well for me - I am completely incapable of portion control otherwise!!!

Look forward to following your progress. You've made a great start xxx


Hi Bigbear! How long have you been on the plan? Have you tried the noodle snacks or the porridge? I've enjoyed both, and love the porridge.

I'm the same with portion and calorie control. If you've a healthy, or should that be unhealthy? Appetite I think it's a struggle. That's why I like the option of SlimFast. I'm getting used to not planning my entire days around the next opportunity to eat, and eating less. I also think the smaller portions has got my stomach used to less food at mealtimes so I'm feeling fuller sooner.

Glad to report another 2lb loss so far this week, and still a few days from official weigh in day. 2lb away from the first stone marker - it will be mine!!!

Did aquafit last night, and another 20mins or so nonstop swimming after. Really rather enjoying that I must say, and relieved to see I'm an average size in the group.

How are we all doing?


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Hi Chucklebug

You are doing really well. I keep making good starts then losing the plot! Really want to lose 2 1/2 to 3 stone by next July. I have a box full of slimfast products but can't find the motivation to use it!

Do you think I could just use 2 meal replacement bars a day or do you think I should incorporate shakes too? I have convinced myself that I will be hungry if I use shakes for some reason! I really like the concept of this diet with the 2 meal replacements, 3 snacks & an healthy main meal. Convince me that I should jump on the slimfast band wagon tomorrow - next month new start!


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Yay for 2lb loss, that's great!!

I did the plan successfully from august 2014 to spring 2016, I lost 9 stone !!! Only stopped because I fell pregnant, had my beautiful daughter Christmas 2016, and now just getting back into it with a big widget of baby weight to lose ‍♀️

Julia - found the shakes great in the morning. I used to buy the ready made shakes - they're great to grab out of the fridge and drink on the way to work. I found if you sip them slowly they can be quite filling, and your body soon gets used to the liquid breakfast. I found meal bars better for lunch time - felt like I needed something to actually 'eat' at that time of day. Similarly I also tried to eat them slowly and chew lots of times!! Makes you feel fuller I think.

I tend to have a chocolate caramel snack bar after dinner or in the afternoon - I chop them up into 8-10 small pieces, and enjoy with a cup of coffee!!


Hi Chucklebug

You are doing really well. I keep making good starts then losing the plot! Really want to lose 2 1/2 to 3 stone by next July. I have a box full of slimfast products but can't find the motivation to use it!

Do you think I could just use 2 meal replacement bars a day or do you think I should incorporate shakes too? I have convinced myself that I will be hungry if I use shakes for some reason! I really like the concept of this diet with the 2 meal replacements, 3 snacks & an healthy main meal. Convince me that I should jump on the slimfast band wagon tomorrow - next month new start!

Hi Julia,
I think it's perfectly feasible to do the 2 meal replacement bars instead of the shakes. I think the beauty of the plan is that you can fit it to what you feel suits you best.
Strangely, I find the banana milkshake more filling than the chocolate or raspberry vitality ones. Oh, and don't waste your extra cash on those new packs, they're really not anything extra special, or much different than the tins.

I found the ambient meals on offer in Tesco yesterday, reduced to £2.66 each. I really like them. I also found in Holland & Barrett the glucomannan tablets reduced from £8.99 to £3.99. Glucomannan is the konjac root powder that makes the calorie free noodles in the slimfast meals. The theory is you take a couple half an hour before a meal with 1-2 glasses of water, and it makes you feel fuller when you eat a meal. I think the glucomannan has this ability when fluid is added to it to increase in volume, hence your tummy fills up with a calorie free bulk, that the body just passes out the other end. I took 3 tablets today, and must admit I didn't feel hungry after I'd eaten my meal bar this evening after having 2.

My work day usually pans out something like this on the plan:

Late morning (11am-ish) - snack porridge (as my breakfast) or if really hungry a meal bar

Lunchtime - (1:30pm) - snack pot noodles (spag bol/tikka/sweet n sour)

Late Lunch (2pm-ish) - meal replacement bar

afternoon snack (4pm) - snack of either a bag of SF cheddar bites/pretzels, or a caramel snack bar

I can then have a meal replacement bar later in the evening if I've saved it from the morning.

Dinner (7pm) - will be a chicken with salad & rice, or a pasta dish

The weekend I try to keep on track too, but let real life get in on the act when it happens. So, today I had:

Breakfast - (10am) - porridge
Lunch - (1pm) - we were out shopping, so popped into Costa Coffee - chicken salad sandwich - 431 cals with a flat white coffee
Dinner - SF spag bol snack noodle pot with a SW meal replacement bar

I intentionally kept today light, because yesterday I had KFC 2 piece meal for my tea (660 cals), and a Krispy Kreme donut and coffee for supper!! See, real life does get in the way!

Less than 2 weeks until we go on holiday, so I'm going to go for extra low calorie days if I can manage it. Maybe do them alternately to give myself a fighting chance of actually making that happen.

Did you start your plan Julia?

Bigbear I put the snack bars in the fridge and cut them up into pieces too. I find them a real treat. I do worry a bit about the sugar content, and whether they might cause a spike in insulin to create the sugar rush/crash effect? I've not experienced that with them so far, at least not how I do with bread anyway.


Don't stress out about the KFC Chucklebug, we all have days where we slip, it's getting back on the wagon (so to speak), that counts. 2 weeks is plenty of time to look fab for your holiday :). Keep it up.


Clean green leafy machine
Yes you've got the right idea to be realistic about life getting in the way of our eating plans :)


If the days between my holiday are anything like as busy as this one is turning out to be, it won't be at all easy to keep the calories low... I've not event had time to have breakfast today! Am currently on my lunchbreak, but sat at my desk still. Have treated myself to a Costa Americano coffee as a pep me up treat. I think it's nice to start the week well, as well as ending well. The indulgent cream I had instead of milk will be in replacement of breakfast.

I've just tried a Superdrug Slenderplan meal replacement bar (coconut). I'm not a fan. It tasted a bit like the smell of a rubber inner tube. I'm not selling it to you, am I? I'm now having a packet of Slimfast cheesy bites with my coffee, and they are much nicer.

I'm planning on having grilled chicken with savoury rice/quinoa and salad for tea, then I've got a meeting to go to. I'm chair of an artisans guild and we organise events locally for artists/crafters, etc. It's one of those things where you get lumbered with more work than you'd ever agree to take on if you were in paid employment. They're a nice bunch of people who help out, so it's a social thing too, despite the hard work.

Onwards and downwards!


Silver Member
It's amazing how being distracted can take your mind off eating! It's something I battle with a lot at the mo being on maternity leave.

I've an Americano drinker too... - mmmmmm

Love crafting! Sounds fun, but I know what you mean about taking on more than you thought.

I'm sticking to slimfast email replacement bars for the meantime, I tried some American ones before - they have a much wider range of flavours and you can usually buy them in eBay.


I keep seeing the American flavours coming up on MFP when I'm putting in my food diary.

Today's plan has been low, mainly due to lack of time. I do think being busy can be great for distracting you from eating. That said, I've spent many a busy time grazing my way through a day too, but if the food's not to hand, I can't eat it, and that definitely helps.

B - didn't really get any. Planned to have porridge, didn't happen.
L - The inner tube flavoured meal bar, which I won't eat again in a hurry. 209 cals
snack - cheesy bites and Americano with cream
snack - SF choc snack bar
D - grilled chicken breast, mixed salad with some cheese grated on top & caesar dressing (full fat), new potatoes instead of the planned rice because they were in the fridge.
snack - 2 x plain crackers @ 29 cals each

No exercise, but hopefully the lower calories will help today. I'm still feeling a bit guilty about the indulgence at the weekend, and determined not to undo all the good work up until then.

Another busy day will beckon tomorrow, but it's all a step closer to going to Tenerife! Whoo!


Morning all. I can't believe it's Friday already! This week has gone in a blur work has been so busy.

One week until we go on holiday though - whooo!

Have been on plan all week but those [email protected] scales refuse to budge after another week.

I went to aquafit again weds and did 1/2hr non stop swimming after so at least it will help with toning too I hope. I've booked to go twice next week before we go away.

Hope you've all had good weeks.


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Scales are being stubborn for me too this week. Stick with it and you'll see results soon enough xx

Where is your holiday?


Clean green leafy machine
You might not be losing on the scales hun but I bet you've lost inches xx