Can i join WeMITTS Please..


I want to be slim !!
Hello.. Please may i join WeMITTS..?

Today is day 8 of my cd diet, and today is the worse day ever, its 3.20pm and im still not dressed, i feel really down today and V hungry (or is it all in my head)
I have 3 stone to loose and want to do this before xmas, but i have to say i really want to eat today..
I feel like crying all the time, this diet is sooo hard, I know i can have another pack if i feel so hungry, but its the food packs that i am finding boring..

Any advice would be great :(
Oh bless you.

I'm on day 8 of LL and can relate so much to your post.

I just can't face any of the packs at the moment.
I made a mushroom poppodom earlier but to be honest, I found it harder to eat than if I'd just had it as a soup.

Keep going hun, we'll get through this together. :)

Kits x
cheers kits..
I cannot tell u how Cr*p i feel today, its so hard cooking for the family too

Im on Day 9 of CD and I ve felt exactly the same, tearful, hungary I ve considered giving up on two occassions and fell off the wagon on day 3 and had a takeaway and beer - I enjoyed eating it but I felt awful afterwards, fat heavy and uncomfortably full.
The next day I decided to stick with it and lost 8lbs in my first week so not too bad really, the only thing getting me through this week is the fact that from next week I can have the cd bars as Im not a great shake fan.

Stick with it hun hang on in there and you'll look fab for crimbo xx
thanks Donna,
Ive just asked my hubby to go get me some green tea, i think i can have it !!
I am finding black tea a bit bitter,
I tried this diet last year too but only lasted 5 days,
ive also tried WW,SW diet pills,gym.. as much as i love my thin 4 year old daughter, she has a lot to do with my weight !!(she can eat anything and not put on weight,just like my hubby)
Can you have Peppermint tea on CD? I'm finding that more platable than black tea.
I've also been switching between sparkling water and still to try and get some variety.

How much have you lost so far this week C.J?

Kits x
Hi kitty...
Ive lost 7lb which i know is brill, but i still long for food,
Just rung my cdc to ask if i could have green tea with lemon extract in..but she said no..
only peppermint or this right
Yep thats the same for me on LL.
We can't have the lemon because of the citric acid, I think plain green tea is ok though.

I've not tried nettle tea yet although have got some in, I leave my peppermint in to stew for a while so it smells really good.

1/2 a stone is great, and 8lbs for Donna too :)
So does that mean you've only got 2 and a 1/2 to go? :)

Kits x
YES 2 1/2 to go... feels like loads


I'm ashamed to admit I have 10stone to go, but I know whether it's 1 st or 10 st the journey is the same, and it feels like a looooooooooong way to target.

Have you tried writing a list of why you want to be there to see if it will help boost your motivation while you're in a low patch?

Thinking about you

Kits x
you can have fennel tea to i,ve been having it with one sweetners in it and it curbs your appitite and good for the digestion to
i have grown to like it and take tea bags with me everywhere its nice
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It's difficult, folks, but if your weight is disabling you, or making you unhappy, then it is SO worth it.
Ann x