Can I join you all please for restart tomorrow???


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Hi everyone, Im restarting Cd tomorrow after falling off the wagon in June. I am back up to about :mad: 19 stone after getting to 15st 10ish before so Im really annoyed with myself.
Im 5ft 8 and would love to get to approx 11st by July next year ready for my first holiday to Florida.
I hope its okay for me to join you all on WeMITTS and look forward to chatting with you all. Sarahxx.
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You are doing the right thing and I'm sure you will get there in time for your holiday. We are all in this together and will support you all the way.
Irene xx


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Hi Sarah!

You and me both... I've just posted a long thread about how I had got from 19 stone down to 12.12lbs and today I'm back up to 15.2lb (prob be about 15.4lb tomorrow:eek: ).

You've done it before and like me you can do it again.... hang in there, drink loads of water and get into ketosis....

I'll support you, if you'll support me?! I'm going to post daily on my thread....

Good luck - and slim by Florida next year? - absolutely not a problem!



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Welcome Sarah!

:D Hi Sarah!

Congratulations on coming back!:eek: :D It's never an easy decision, but you know it will be a good one!:)

(Don't bother to look back either - it's behind you and can stay there!)

I'm a newbie here, having only started the CD 5 days ago.:eek:

But, you are so very welcome and there is so much genuine support on here that I'm sure you'll get to the finish line just fine!:D

As for the wanting to get to 11st by July - I don't know if it helps or not, but I decided not to give myself any specific huge goals as it would just add pressure and perhaps disappointment... instead... for me, I thought that little short hops would be good... I am a fair bit heavier than you and so have not actually decided on a final goal, lol, coward eh! :rolleyes: :eek:

Florida - fabulous! :eek: :eek:

What a great thing to look forward to! :D

There is a chap on here called Icemoose (I think) and he has pictures of him before at Florida and after at Florida... they might inspire you if the going gets tough!:D If I can work out how to link you to his pics I will... lol :confused: but don't hold your breath!:)

Anyway... welcome, welcome, welcome!
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Hey Sarah and Mich,i am reatarting Lt tomorrow as well so we will all be on day 1 together.
All i can say is the most inportant thing for all of us to remember is "water water and more water" this is where i failed b4 and now i know how important water is to any vlcd.
Good luck for 2morrow by the end of week u will all be in ketosis and feeling great.
Remember the first few days r allways the hardest so if u r feeling a bit shaky just come online there is always someone around 2 chat 2.


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hi everyone,
I am so glad to see so many people re-starting. I re-sarted today and had a great day, I am feeling the spirit again after being totally messed up in the head for so long. The good thing is i didnt put much on, about 3-4lbs since june as I been off/on CD since then. I am 12st 4lbs now and hope to loose about 2 stones, that,ll just do me!!! We all should support each other. This forum is a great help.
goodluck everyone