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Can I Join You?

Ive recently joined and Ive had time to look through all the different diets , some Ive tried previously and some I havent.
Ive decided to try Atkins this time as I know low carb is the way to go.

So, Im saying hello and can I join you on the Atkins Diet?
But , I dont want to start until after the New Year so that I can enjoy the wonderful foods over xmas. :D :xmassign:

My excuse is that it will give me lots of time to read up and be ready to start in January
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I don't know, we have quite a strict entry test involving a unicycle, tight rope and giant bowl of custard.

Welcome :)
Hi and welcome, have you read through the stickies at the top, that'll give you a start.
Welcome! If I were you I'd start now - kind of! Enjoy all the nice meals but start having LC fry ups in the morning (instead of cereals etc if you do) and swap to snacking on all the delicious meats, cheeses and winter veg around instead of chocs etc - will be a nice gentle way of easing you into LCing until you start properly in the new year.
Aww, thankyou so much for the welcome .
I cant wait for the custard and the tightrope doesnt fear me as Im sure my weight will put it down on the ground anyway :D lol.
If I can swop the unicycle for a pony then I think I might pass :)

Jim, Ive been reading as much as I can, the threads are brilliant and people have contributed so much to them.
Im so impressed with the recipies and I like the daily menus that everyone is putting up.

Im going to write out some recipies and sample menus so that I can get focused on it.
My breakfast is usually scrambled eggs anyway but my big big downfall is chocolate.
I have no idea how Im going to deal with that one yet and the sugar addiction that goes with it.
Hmmmm the expression , going cold turkey springs to mind ! :8855:
Thornton's diabetic chocolate seems quite a popular alternative around here. I've never had any, but I do keep a bar of Green and Blacks 80% dark choc in the fridge - perfect for when I need to take the edge off my choc cravings - only 15g carbs per 100g (good compared to alot of others!)
I don't know, we have quite a strict entry test involving a unicycle, tight rope and giant bowl of custard.

you do have to be a little crazy to join ;)

do you have a pony?
Exactly! Only person that can do anything about it is yourself. Once you start losing a few pounds you'll be psyched to carry on. It's kind of addictive, but in a good way. Also your appetite does change. It's hard to explain before you start but cravings do become less powerful. They're still there but just not as appealing.
Hi and welcome to minimums!!! I'm an old timer and have fallen off the wagon but will be back on it on jan like you, x


Clean green leafy machine
Hi Pony and welcome :)

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