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can i join :)

Then of course you can join :) and welcome to the club, great work on that 20lbs, you'll be sporting a century club badge in no time. :D

Didi M

Full Member
Nice to meet you! You have been off to a great start! I am thrilled for you. Now it is only 78 pounds! Yipppppeeeeee! It must be hard with the little ones. Let me know if I can help in any way. And what DARLING kiddies you have on your profile pic! I have two step-babies that are adorable. I will post pics once I can get to my profile. :) Good weekend to you!
Morning, how are you, still losing I hope
hey only 2lb down from last time i posted here but its better than 2lb up i guess! thanks didi they are my twin girls in my profile pic, they just turned 2, i also have a girl who just turned 4 and a boy who is 6 minths old tomorrow :)
2lbs is good, andblimey you are a glutton for punishment on the kids side :D
heyall, after a really crappy week i went up a couplepounds butback down nowandminusanother pound so im at 217lb. started swimming this week, managed 30 lengths which isnt bad seeingas i havent been swimming for 12 years haha i went for 2 hours on thurs and 2 hours with my sister and the kids yesterday (well my eldest and one of her 3) so managed to get a couple of lengths in but obviously had to stay with faith for majority ofthe time. it was her first time swimming and she absolutely loved it she wouldnt evven let me hold her she just zoomed off to the middle of the pool laughing her head off and that was the big pool! my mum is going to have the kids so i can go at least once a week which is great.

i've made a few diet changes this week too. all our rice,pasta and bread is now wholemeal and ive bought most things in the reduced salt andsugar version. i've also decided to go veggie! ive been reading up a bit and it justseemsto me that meat is unhealthy and full of fat and cholesterol, plus the fact if im tempted to have a takeaway all the ones i like are meat so hopefully itll help me keep off the takeaways haha
Morning, the swimming sounds good, but I bet you ache like hell :D
thats what i thought jim but i havent ached at all! bloody gone up a lb today :( cantsee why, all i had yesterdaywas cereal for brekkie, wholemeal toast grilled with mushrooms and tomatoes with a bit of fruit for lunch and a plate of steamed veg for dinner. driving lesson today which suck, only 4 to go then its my test!
ah well, maybe it's water retention love, having said that body weight fluctuates all the time anyway, it's so frustrating!
still up a lb :( ive been eating really well but must admit i havent done as much exercise as i could, i might take kids over the park or something. was meant to go swimming this morning with my sister but was up until 5am with a poorly 2 yr old :dohh:
Morning, It's hard when the little ones are poorly love
hi. i am just at 216 today.went swimming last night, only done 22 lengths this time. i was hoping to beat last week's 30 but there were a load of idiots messing around and diving in acting like kids in the adult session so pretty much just floated around for the first hour lol how are you today?
still at 216 today, very pleased as i had a sneaky chinese last night. an old friend has come to stay and we always get a chinese on the first night he is down. i dont feel bad or guilty because im pleased with how far ive come so far. should be swimming again today too so its all good, taking the twins this time so that should be eventful haha
Hi Love, I'm fine. We had a quiet weekend, mostly gardening and stuff.

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