can I just ask.......


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Hi everyone,

Ive been on CD for 26 days and have lost 1 stone 6lbs.

However, I actually dont see any loss on my body.
I cant get into smaller clothes and if anything I seem larger!!!

I do suffer from water retention, but normally, the scales dont change but my body shape does, this time the scales are moving but body shape is staying the same or getting bigger!

Has anybody else had this experience or have an idea as to what it could be?

Many thanks in advance
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you may need to drink more water. how many litres a day are you on now?

that and are you having frequent bowel movements?

it could be a number of things but i think it's mostly down to water. i could be wrong? have you asked a cdc or a doctor?

well done on your 26 lb loss.x


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Hi Trini,

Thanks for replying.

Im drinking minimum of 3 litres, maximum of 5 (on a good day!)

and bowel movements seem to be ok.

I'll ask my cdc when I speak to her



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Hiya Tracie..


Im on day 28 and have lost 23lbs so far.. like you none of my clothes feel any different.. but my measurements have changed quite a lot.. so have come to the conclusion that because every pair of trousers/jeans I own have some percentage of lycra in them and that I have been squeezing myself into them stretching them to their limits, I wont notice it until I have lost some more..

Plus I think I am losing from all over, which I suppose is a good thing in the long run..