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Can I lose 5st in 4 months?

I think the rate of loss depends on the person generally, as some lose more quickly than others. My CDC has said that a stone a month is realistic. Your goal weight is pretty low for your height. I am the same height as you and think I'd look anorexic at 120lbs. Hope you don't think I'm prying, but I've had eating issues in the past and aimed for too low a weight and ended up miserable when I didn't get there.


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I am sure you can if you really are 100%, if i were you I would just start cd and take it day by day week by week.. and do the best you can and I am sure by August you will have a fab loss and feel so much better even if you have not got to exactly where you want to be for your birthday I am sure you will be feeling so much better for whatever you have lost.
Good luck with your journey


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Are the details beneath your user-name up to date? Cos if they are, then I'd say yes, you could just about make it to the 5 stones off point - or damn close. :D

You don't need to do anything particularly special, though exercise is always a good idea. The most important thing is to stick 100% to the CD rules.

But as curlywurly says, try not to think about the long term too much. Just aim to get it right on a day by day basis - and you'll get there.

Good luck!
I am starting the cambridge diet on Wednesday. Seeing the cdc on Tuesday I am going on holiday in August wanting to shift about 4 stone 8 pre. lol but hopefully 4 is achievable if i am very very good I hope. Looking for inspiration tonight and wow did I find it.
I would love to lose 4 stone by August and have been told it is realistic... but your goal BMI comes up as underweight?
You may have been 8.5 stone before and have been able to live happily at that weight, but you might find that you don't need to lose as much as you think to look great and be a healthy BMI..

Good luck though

Istarted the cd on the first of jan and have currently lost 5 stone three pounds and 35 inches and so yes it is achievable. I have been totally 100% and haven't wavered once, i have been going to the gym at least three times a week and just using the treadmill to wlk and the bike for twenty minutes each, so as not to use up too much energy and using the weights to tone up. I can't really see how well i've done but peoples reactions have spurred me on no end, very encouraging. I have gone from a size 20-22 to a 12-14. Hope this helps x
Put it this way...you have more of a chance of losing that much weight on CD than on any other that I know of (at least healthily!) so you have nothing to lose by doing it.

If you do then you will probably lose at least 4 stone by August but may well lose the amount that you want to. But if you don't do it then you will be the same weight as you are now, so which is preferable? lol

Good luck, I really hope that you go for it 100% and you don't have to set a final weight now...just keep going until you get into the size clothes that you want to. Your CDC will advise you on what a healthy BMI for your height is.



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Hi Latina.. I just watched your YouTube video about your first loss on Cambridge. I cannot believe you are 32?!?! You look about 25, if that! You are very beautiful already... you will be an absolute knock-out when you're where you want to be!! Well done on your first loss :) xx
Just watched in too Latina - you should go into presenting. You're a natural on camera!
Wow thank you Watergirl and AbsolutelyFabulous! That's so nice of you both =)

AbFab you have no idea how happy that makes me lol, thank you so much, it has really given me a confidence boost!

Sunshine team 6 week challenge

Hi Jo

I am new and was wondering what the 6 week challenge was all about. I'd be up for it if possible.

I'm not in any sort of team at present, didn't know there were such things. But am committed to 100% over the next 6 weeks and would love it to mean 28lbs!!!

Can you tell me more?

Joined 31.1.09
week 1 - 5 lbs off:)
week 2 - 5 lbs off:)
week 3 - stayed same!:mad:
week 4 - 2 lbs off:)
week 5 - 2lbs off:) - first stone gone!!:D
week 6 - 2lbs off:)
week 7 - 3lbs off:D
week 8 - 1 bls ON!:( - had a bad week!
week 9 - 2 lbs off :)
weeks 10 - 11 -holiday 7lbs on:wave_cry:but back to it now!!!!!
Hi Cheerylady

Latina and I are part of the 'Sunshine Team', the thread is "Anyone with 6 stone or more to lose...", you should be able to see it in the unread posts, I'm not sure if I can send you a link to it, I'll have a look when I've finished posting this.

I only joined the team last week, its such a great team, everyone's so nice and supportive, Mrs Unknown who started the thread came up with the idea of doing a 6 week challenge which we all started roughly last thursday, we just has to say how much we wanted to lose and let Mrs Unkown know and then give our updates each week, its a great idea and give you a little extra motivation.


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