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Can I miss a shake?

I am so sorry guys another thread from me! I am just finding it so hard today I need support...as everyone at work is just pooh poohing the diet! I am feeling really sick at the moment (I am determined to carry on though) problem is I just cant face my shake at lunch time I feel so sick...can I miss a shake? Any advice help would again be appreciated!
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The shakes are designed to give us ALL the nutritiond our bodies need to cope with daily life. you therefore need to have all 3 a day. Missing one every now and again will not hurt you but i would worry that this could become habit forming.

I would also worry that if you miss a shake so early on you would be less inclined to have the next one which would be a slippery slope...

Try to ignore what other people are saying about the diet as they do not know anything about it. It is a healthy way of losing weight, assuming you have all 3 shakes.

Maybe go for a walk at lunchtime and get yourself some ice cold water if you don't have some already, they do improve the shakes.

Good luck and stay strong - rermember, you are losing weight FOR YOu, not for them. think of your goals, because they really cvan be achieved with Lipotrim.

Good luck - and coming here for support is one of the best things you can do :) take care
Thanks so much for your advice :) I am going to force myself and have my shake as I dont want to be missing ut on vital nutrients that my body needs, I know thats not the way - I am just worried that I will be sick at work! (Lets hope not!) - Thanks again I will let you know how I get on! x
yes do let us know - and i really think the cold water will help :)
as Elle has rightly said, its very important to have all of your shakes. if you can't face it at work because everyone is being so negative, have it as soon as you get home, then your third one later on.

sod them at work who dont like it. mostly its envy that they havent got the courage to do something about their problems and are totally jealous of your dedication and will power.

a girl at my work has already said she's going to be really jealous when i weigh less than her, but in general she's supportive, but when people are complimenting me and not her, she doesnt like it!!

it's human nature but sod the lot of them hun! xxxx
that's a good idea from sarahlou - if you can't face it at work wait til you get home (if you can!!)

although, you will need to be able to have them at work at some time...

people will get envious of your weight loss, but hopefully the ones who are genuinely nice, caring people, will be happy for you as well that you are taking steps towards your future and your future happiness and health!

i have a friend who disagrees with LT and would not do it herself (fair play, it's her body and her choice) and is envious that i've lost 7.5 stone in the same time it's taken her (from a similar starting point) to lose 1.5 - but she is also *genuinely* happy for me and does not make comments about how bad it is for me as she sees the sense in it.

Good luck - do it for you, that's what you need to remember.
Awww! Thanks so much you guys! Well I forced myself to have my shake with ICE cold water and I drank it all and I feel a lot better now! I have just said to the people at work if they want to be negative please dont direct it at me as I feel positive and proud of myself that I have made the choice to change my life unlike themsitting there eating sausage rolls and custard slices for their lunches!

I know it's going to get easier the problem is at the moment I just dont really like the taste of the shakes (I actually dread them!) I had vanilla this morning with coffee was nice and the choc is ok, I thought if I have the chicken soup for dinner (in a bowl) in might actually feel like I am eating something, however I had a chicken one last night and thet are my least favourite, anyone give me advice on anything that I can do to make the chicken taste better?

Thanks again x
OMG Ellie - 7.5 stone - thats so amazing! It people like you that inspire me to do this and give me the motivation when it gets hard - seriously, thank you x
thanks - i always think if i, with previously minimal dieting willpower tcan do this then anyone can. but it's all about finding what works for you.

there's nothing you're meant/allowed to add to the chicken soup *but* people have added black pepper or chilli flakes and seem to have still lost weight. i did at first but then didn't want to risk it... but as i say people still seem to lose weight. up to you! it does improve the flavour i must say...

personally went off the soup entirely after quite liking it but experimenting is a good idea.
I think I might swap the soup to be honest,might have the chocolate shake (do a hot choc with it!) I dont want to add anything if its not advised, especially for my first few weeks as if it effects my ketones and I dont lose weight its going to be even harded to continue! x


Positivity is the key
Hi Trixi,
I am standing up to applaud you, well done on telling the office people to let you alone, it is a great move. Glad you took your shake and feel better, try the flavours as you never know what you like, I only liked the choc one and the flapjacks but now I have to have the vanilla one with coffee every day and I never drank coffee until 2 weeks ago, so your tastes do change on this. Wishing you all the best.
Hey Trixi...

All I can say is ignore the people at work who are either ignorant or jealous. LT will give you fantastic results and it does get a lot easier....believe me!

It IS hard...that's no lie...BUT it WILL be worth it.

Keep your chin up and you CAN do it

the tiny amount of salt and pepper you would add to a soup is really, so tiny, on a 500ish calorie diet it can't possibly prevent you from losing weight... so if the occasional soup needs a little spicing up, then go for it :) i have been peppering my soup and i'm losing weight this week :)
the strawberry shake is nice if you are able to make it with icecubes that crush to make it like a milkshake, and a litte sweetner... otherwise i think i agree with you, hot vanilla latte and hot chocolate are definite favorites :)

Hang in there - youll get the sausage rolls and custard slices again, but by then, youll have retrained yourself to know that they are the odd treat and not your general diet, and whilst they all have fat bums, yours will be neat and trim, and you can stuff an occasional custard slice into YOUR mouth in front of them, knowing that you are in control of your diet, and your body :)
Thanks for all your lovely comments I really thought could'nt do this yesterday...today is another day and I am feeling great about it!

I will keep you all updated (only hope I can do as well as you all!) x
Trixie, I know I'm on cambridge and not lt but I think the principal is the same......you MUST have all your packs hun, the other week I 'decided' to have one pack and a protein rich salad each day, on the third day I stood up and crashed to the floor with palpitations and a spinning head, obviously I hadn't had all my nutrients and stuff I would have had if I'd taken all my packs. Nasty.

A tip....when you have your vanilla shake instead of having a whole pack with some coffee, make up a large black coffee and whisk in about a quarter of your vanilla pack, whisk it really well til all the lumps are gone aand it's frothy and it tastes like a latte. That way you can have 4 guilt free creamy coffees in a day. Yummy x

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