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Can I play with you guys?

Hi all LTers! :)

Loooong time no see.

I was just wondering if I can be cheeky... I'm not on LT, I'm going with a different diet this time around but was wondering if I can still come and play with you guys on this board as the LT board has always been the friendliest and most fun board in my opinion and the board for the diet I'm starting is DEAD!! :cry:

So yeah, just wondering if you'd let an LT old-timer hang out with you guys for support even if she's not on the same train? :eek:

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Thanks Scotsmist :) I'm trying Exante this time for the simple reason that I've just bought 3 months supply for under £300 and I'm not in a position to argue with good value!

I support Lipotrim 100% though, I think it's a fantastic diet which gives as much as you put into it :D


Life is not a Rehersal!
Good luck with it Rainbow......sometimes, needs must, and from what I remember the diet you are on is fairly similar to LT. Is it still shakes isnt it....I am sure I looked at it once before but cant remember.

If you have bought 3 month's supply you will be determined to go with it :)!

Did you start today?
No, ordered them today so they should be with me in a few more days time - hopefully! There are several different options with Exante but I'm going to do the 'Total Solution' which is the same as TFR - 3 shakes a day and plenty of water water water!

How long have you been on LT?


Life is not a Rehersal!
Oh, I do wish you well.

Well, today is my second attempt. I was on LT May 09 for 14 weeks and lost just under 4 stone...but, I struggled coming off from Day 1 and then just lost it completely......so, nipping it in the bud, 2 stone heavier!!!!!

I think there is a lot of people starting today/this week!

Keep us posted when you get your shakes and when you start..will be routing for you!
Nothing worse then not feeling comfortable with yourself.
Hi Rainbow Bright .. the more the merrier in my opinion !! I have only been on LT for 9 weeks ( seems much less !!) but find this forum so useful and supportive , although fairly quiet at the moment so its nice to see new people :)
Good luck on Exante , you will have to let us know how it compares to LT :)
Thank you Katie :) I will definitely keep you guys updated on how the two diets compare. From reading the Exante forum it seems that losses are pretty similar it's just the flavours that most people find different and opinion is pretty divided there. As I've said before though, I'm just gonna think of it as 'thin medicine' and if I don't like the shakes I'll just put up with it, after all it's not forever :)

Congrats on making it to 9 weeks - the LT road can be pretty hard going I know but it's soooo worth it. (As long as you don't make my mistakes lol) Are you taking measurements along the way? Always a sure fire way to make you feel good :D x


I will be skinny again!!!
Hiya mrs!

I remember you!

I went on to exante but failed at it lol!

still go 2 weeks worth in my kitchen though so might try again on it!
Chelly! How's it going sweets? Looking absolutely gorgeous in your hula outfit :) How did you find Exante compared to LT? x


I will be skinny again!!!
Well the soups are beaut!

The toffee and nut bar is beaut

But didnt really like the chocolate and orange one

and the shakes are fine.. but a bit blander than the lipotrim ones!

ha I felt great in the hula girl outfit.. unfortunatly i dont look like that anymore hahaha!!
Well I'm sure it won't take you long to get back into the grass skirt ;) Are you following a plan or just being good?


I will be skinny again!!!
Think im going to start TFR on Monday actually.. coming back on and seeing everyones posts has really put me in the mood for it ! lol
hi rainbow brite...not sure if you remember me but i remember u from last time.

im doing exante for a few weeks cause i bought some cheap a while back and was then planning on going onto lt

i know what you mean about it being dead compared to the lt board tho...some nice people on there but just not the same atmosphere :)

happy new year btw

h x
Hey Harriet hun, of course I remember you :) How's everything?

So how long have you been on Exante then? Are there any big differences between it and LT? As far as I can see they are pretty much the same with the exception that Exante has about 150cals more per day. (Not something I'm happy about but oh well - could be worse!)

rbx :rainbow:


♥3 Years Maintaining♥
Heeeeey YOU!!!!!! Why are you dabbing back onto a TFR?
And you know of course that is forum is the best and most welcoming of all :D hehe xxxx
Hey honey! Didn't know if you were still on here after finishing LT - you look absolutely amazing in all of your pics! :D You still on earlies?

I'm a muppet and over the last year got fatter and fatter so in need of a last ditch attempt at losing it all on a TFR again but can't face the pharmacy as I'm ashamed.

:eek: BTW - PLEASE keep it to yourself that I'm back on any kind of diet - I don't want any of the girls at work to know until I'm properly back into the swing of things. There's a lot of pressure in and around the team when it comes to LT or any TFR as you probably know by now :eek: Sorry honey, don't mean to sound like a grouch just very paranoid about it at the moment - haven't even told Jon!



♥3 Years Maintaining♥
Ah of course i wont tell anyone my sweet :D

I am still around here, not so much on the TFR side of the forum but i have a maintainence diary which keeps me in check :D

Im still on earlies yep - love it! It's the best ever!!! lol

And im sure you havnt got that fat - you was never fat in the first place!!!! Is this your first time back onto a TFR? My second time round after having my summer off i found a little harder but if you are determined, which im sure you are then you will do it :D

It's 100% true though that TFR really is the most easiest thing - the hardest part is keeping it off :sigh:

Anyways my sweet - good luck with it im sure you will be ace at it again :D xxxxxxxx Oh ... how are you going to keep it a secret from Jon?!!!! wont he notice that you're not eating?! lol x
Hey Harriet hun, of course I remember you :) How's everything?

So how long have you been on Exante then? Are there any big differences between it and LT? As far as I can see they are pretty much the same with the exception that Exante has about 150cals more per day. (Not something I'm happy about but oh well - could be worse!)

rbx :rainbow:
starting today (had some from before as i said but only managed a few days as got ill..not related!)

theres much more choice with exante which is good in some respects and not in others..i think it just depends on how much restriction you need for you personally. other than that, its pretty much the same. you realise tho that after 5 weeks your supposed to eat a meal plus have your packs for one week and then go back to tfr again? im not sure im happy with that as i know once i eat again its v difficult to get back on it.

i know what you mean about the extra few calories but then it is only a few calories and if you think about it its nothing compared to what we have been eating im sure lol

and yes im fine thanks, hope you are too..another year another new beginning and very centred on keeping it off ..i hope i feel like this for ever lol

anyway, think ive rambled on enough lol

h xx
Im back too.. i remember most people, as im always popping in and out, hopefully will be sticking it out 100%. Starting on monday.

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