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Extra Easy Can I really have 2 of these.....????

It has to be the Alpen Lite bars though surely.....
Some days I find that I would have trouble finding something for a HEB (Im trying to cut out bread completely) and on days like that I wont have a problem now..... yummy. ! ! ! !


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Fantastic.I was just coming on here to ask this exact same question as im doing a 7 day online plan and it says to grab any 2 alpen light bars for a quick breakie! Fantastic.
Love these. Will have one at breakfast with fruit salad and one left for later in the evening.
I love these things as I have a BIG appetite and ALL Alpen Light Cereal Bars are 3syns or you can have 2 as a HE(B). Which to be honest just blows my mind! :D
yes I know what you mean.... cant believe they are a HEB..... wow....
went shopping to Tesco last night and got 2 boxes.... lol


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I have 2 every day... 1 at morning break, and 1 when the kids go home after school.
Also, in the Morrisons magazine there's a voucher for 35p off a box of 5, which is a bargain. The mag is free to pick up. In fact, I might go shopping this pm!
I think they are great too. I've always got one in my handbag, one in my desk drawer, one in my work minibus glove box and one in the car!! Stashed away for emergency eating and to stop me eating naughty things lol.

They are 2 boxes for £3 in Asda (well they were on Thurs)



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It's only the Alpen LIGHT cereal bars that can be used as a HexB choice.

The standard Alpen bars have syns on both red & green. Here's a selection of syn values for one standard Alpen bar:

Strawberry Cereal Bars with yogurt, 6 syns
Apple & Blackberry bars with yogurt, 6 syns
Fruit & Nut cereal bar, 5 1/2 syns
Fruit & Nut cereal bar with chocolate, 6 1/2 syns
Raspberry Cereal Bars with yogurt, 6 syns

Hope this helps.

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