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Can i redeam mysef by friday?


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I caved in to cake today :mad::( Hot chocolate fudge cake at that! With custard!! :break_diet:
Feel very ashamed of myself, i could not resist it!
Anyway, weigh day is friday, i worked my syns out for today to be nearly 30!! EEEKKK! But if i only have 10 syns a day from now untill friday i will still be under 105 weekly total.
Will this help at all? Or should i just move on? I have not done this before So not sure if it will affect my weight loss to use a weekly total.
I have been having nearly 15 syns a day from day one, and use alot of them in cooking ( and curly wurlys :D ) xx
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has a thin girl inside!
If i go over on my syns (which is normally when having meals out) i adjest my syns for the other days.
We were told about express days where you have 2/3 super free for 1 day after a bad day. I have done this with some really good success...my friends was not so lucky. Everyone is different! Don't write the week off just yet!

When i am expressing i have:
B - Fruit salad and lots of it!
L - Salad with smaller amount of meat/fish. Apple, Melon, Strawberries.
T - all day breakfast - 1 x egg, tomatoes, mushrooms, onions, (often add peppers too) then 1 x bacon/quorn sausage.

Snacks inc fruit and veg, then the other syn free items as long as 2/3 superfree. such as muller yog.

Plus HXa and b

If you just remember that it is only one day it is easy to stick to for 1 day!


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Thanks Cai! That sounds good! I love all the super free foods so a day full of them shal be easy i think. May adjust my syns also maybe to 12 a day, just to be safe ha ha. Went out for sunday dinner, wish i had cooked myself and saved the syns lol! xx
Hi chun-ky

Please don't feel ashamed of yourself, having some fudge cake makes you human, not a bad person! And you have been doing so well! I'd do the ten syns a day until Friday, unless you feel deprived by cutting down to ten! Maybe try the express thing as suggested for a day or make a big pot of superspeed soup and have for lunch for a few days. I've heard p say it boosts their losses! I made it yesterday and it's yummy! X


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Thanks Chickadee, i was defo acting more like a piggy than a human though ha ha! I wasn't even hungry after a huge plate of beef, potatoes and veggies! I think i will make the super speed soup, worth a try :) xx
Yeah get some super soup down you :) i've blended it and used as a pasta and chicken sauce too!
If you have a great big loss on friday after scoffing chocolate fudge cake I won't be happy ;) ;) x


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Yeah get some super soup down you :) i've blended it and used as a pasta and chicken sauce too!
If you have a great big loss on friday after scoffing chocolate fudge cake I won't be happy ;) ;) x
Ha ha ha :D dont think i will xx


I will be a Princess!
10 syns a day isn't a bad amount to have hun :) I weigh on a Friday, and since then I have consumed 61.5 syns (40 of which I had last night when I had 4 pints of lager...not ladylike I know!). This means I've got 43.5 syns left for the next 4 days, so I'm in a similar situation to you. I don't feel guilty though, I enjoyed having a drink! :D

Plan some low syn or syn free meals for this week hun and you'll be fine, and you'll still have a few syns left for treats each day! xx


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Ohhh Dudette.. LAGER..mmmmm one thing i really miss :) 10 a day is defo still a good ammount, i'm just greedy ha ha. Im trying to plan meals not using many syns so i get my curly wurly still lol. Glad i cooked lots last week and have 5 portions of mushy pea curry sauce to add veg to and a mince and veg hot pot in the freezer! And tons of stir fry veg and a chicken to roast, as long as i skip the yorkshire puddings i think tea will be syn free untill friday xx


I will be a Princess!
Ah you'll easily stay within your syns allowance then hun :) And just think, if you hadn't had the fudge cake you'd have probably felt deprived, which may have led to a bigger binge later down the line. As far as I see it, it was a controlled dipping of the toe into a world of yummy chocolate goodness. If you want to think of a proper binge, imagine Dawn French in the Vicar of Dibley sticking her whole head into a chocolate fountain. I rest my case! :D :giggle:


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Ok so i wasn't that bad ha ha ha! I did really enjoy it!
On my 7th week and the worst ive been so far is having 18 syns once or twice, by stealing a chip/crisp/jelly sweet off my kids :eek: Im soo evil! :p
I had my cake, and ate it :D and i am over it!! lol xx


I will be a Princess!
Lol! Good for you :) I definitely think that SW is about promoting healthy attitudes to food, and the healthy way to deal with anything like this is just to shrug it off and get straight back to eating healthily.

Btw...if your children didn't notice, then the old adage of "you don't miss what you never (knew you) had" applies! :D ;) xx
I understand how you feel!

I am finding it really hard to get weight off even when I stick to the plan.

Last night I went to a birthday party and even though I am terrified of putting weight on, I did have some food - not a huge amount - and some dessert (lovely). I just could not face sitting there eating nothing.

I am worrying about it all now but will have a go at doing the express day for a couple of days. Hope this will make up for the syns I overate!

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