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Can I save syns for a few days?

I've read some threads and my understanding is this is ok, but those are old threads so I just wanted to be sure

I'd like to have some burritos with those tortilla boat things. My understanding is the boats are 4 syns each, the packet of spices is 5 syns (2.5 for half) and 30g of grated cheese is 5.5 syns, so if I have 4 boats then that's 20 + 5.5 + 2.5 = 28 syns. So am I ok to have no syns on Wednesday and then have 4 burritos on Thursday?

I'm not talkign about saving all my syns from Mon-Fri to binge or the weekend or something, just skipping one day to roll over the syns to the next day to have something I can't otherwise have. I know I could just have 2 burritos but that isnt satisfying lol
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S: 17st0.8lb C: 13st10.4lb G: 11st11lb BMI: 32 Loss: 3st4.4lb(19.43%)
Everyone has different opinions so it's up to yourself really.

You can call it a flexi syn day and just follow the plan every other day as normal

You could do what you said, as long as depriving yourself of syns for a whole day won't send you off plan for a month

Or what I might do is just have 2-3 syns less every other day to make up for it, but then I hardly ever use 15, I'm usually around 11-12 a day

Depending on how long you've been doin SW and how much you have to lose you might still have a loss if you stick to normal syns the rest of the week. As long as you're not going over all the time you will be fine. I seem to have a cheat day once a month and it's not hurt me yet. When it does I will have to rethink it...
Thankyou. I won't call it flexi, that just feels like giving up to me. I think I'll have 11 syns tomorrow, Friday, Sat and Sun and have the burritos on Thu. Btw I thought you were supposed to use all of your syns every day or you wont lose as much weight?

Also I have one more question if it's ok. Does it become harder to lose weight the more you lose? Like if I were to measure my total weight loss every 3 months would it be consistently less and less, or would it be roughly the same?


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S: 17st0.8lb C: 13st10.4lb G: 11st11lb BMI: 32 Loss: 3st4.4lb(19.43%)
I think you're supposed to have between 5-15 syns per day, probably mostly so you can have a treat and not feel like you're on a diet. I'm a cholocate addict so have either a Ripple or a Creme Egg every night. Other syns go on butter, flour, extra cheese or whatever I fancy that day, but chocolate is my main treat. I've had a few flexi days since I started, planned in advance. Don't feel like I was giving up, just trying to think of this as a lifestyle change and not a diet.

I would say that weight loss would slow the closer you get to target, mainly because your body would be used to a healthy diet, but then I'm not sure I've ever lasted 6 months on any diet. I would say it depends on the person but the vast majority of people would see slower losses...

I lost 1 stone in January and then about 6/7lbs in February and around 9 in March, but I've still got about 4 stone to lose so I hope I can keep losing around 6-7lbs a month for a few months and then I don't mind if it slows down. Best of luck!

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