Can i take it back?


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As you all know, i was bought an Actifry for christmas.

now iv used it twice now and have followed instructions very carefully..

Dont get me wrong, i LIKE the chips, BUT i can make just as good in the oven tbh.

Iv used it twice.

Now, as im dissapointed in it, £140 was alot to spend on somthing i dont really need..

Can i take it back if i make out that im really really unhappy with it? or lie and say its broken, no way of checking it in argos is there? lol x
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I think you would need to tell them it's not working properly to get your money back as you've already used it


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If you tell them it's not working poperly, they may want to exchange. Argos are really good though. They won't quibble. Just say you were given one, and already have one that you never use. They will be fine. Or don't even make an excuse. I've never had a problem with them.



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Explain that you don't think it's working properly and see what they suggest to you - my guess is a new one or a refund, good luck with it.